31 October 2011

Dear ,
Imagine being abandoned by your family? No food, no clean water, no shelter, no safety.

Dogs Abandoned In Flood
� Erik Teer Photography


This is the fate of many dogs and cats in Thailand right now, as the country battles with its worst floods in recorded history.


Please help me to support the forgotten casualties - the street dogs and cats, and family pets left behind by their owners in their rush to evacuate areas threatened by the rising waters.  Donate now to help us support other groups during this terrible time and feed, transport and treat the animals most in need.


A sweet mother dog and her three four-week old pups are some of the lucky ones SCAD was able to scoop up before the water reached central Bangkok. Toong Saai (which means "sand bag" in Thai) was found with her little ones huddled behind a wall of sand bags at an evacuated restaurant. She had no water, no shelter, and her only food source was a huge bowl of rice - which was sour and covered in cockroaches and flies.


Working with a large network of animal welfare groups, hundreds of abandoned and homeless dogs and cats are in need of urgent assistance, and the only way we can provide help is with your donation.


Temple dog "Flood" was found on the brink of death while we evacuated our Dog Center. A small corner was found in the back of the SCAD truck and he was taken immediately to a supportive vet clinic for life saving fluids, vitamins and medication. He is still in that clinic and has a long road ahead of him to full recovery.


Please, I urge you to  donate now to help dogs like Toong Saai and Flood.


Soi Dog Abandoned in Flood
� Erik Teer Photography


During the devastating floods, I need your help now as the demand for our services is ever growing. Click here to donate to the flood appeal now. Your gift of US$50 (1500THB), US$150 (4500THB), or US$500 (15000THB) will be used IMMEDIATELY for the benefit of the cats and dogs victimized by the floods.  


Or, Join our 1000-For-Change program and help the relief efforts by donating US$30/month.  


Can I count on you to help the dogs and cats again by supporting our Flood Appeal?

Warm regards,


Wendy Edney

General Manager

SCAD Foundation

Bangkok, Thailand 


P.S. I can't thank you enough for considering a donation to this important Flood Appeal. There is more that you can do to help. , and invite them to join you in improving life for Bangkok's street animals.


During this time my response to you will be slow. If you have already donated for the animals, thank you! Our record keeping is very behind as the office is currently closed. I apologize if you receive duplicate e-mails from me and thank you for your understanding.


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