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As part of EMCC International's continuing efforts to ensure we maintain a focus on good practice and on members' and stakeholders needs, we are exploring whether our current Mentoring standards, thinking, and expectations will optimally serve the Mentoring industry in the 2020s (and beyond).

As part of this review, we ask each of you to complete the following short questionnaire. The survey can be completed in under five minutes. 
The questionnaire is designed to help EMCC understand Mentoring as it is practiced today. It will also allow us to better define what it means to be a Mentor and how we can share the standards of excellence within the Mentoring Community to ensure a shared understanding of what Mentoring is and the specific competencies required to become a successful Mentor.
We will look to define the specific Competencies that are unique to Mentoring, how Supervision may be applied, and standards for Mentoring Programme design.

Closing date is 31 March 2019

Please share this mailing with your mentoring colleagues and networks - help us reach as wide an audience as possible.

For those of you attending the EMCC International Coaching, Mentoring and Supervision Conference in Dublin (24-26 April 2019), we invite you to attend the Wednesday afternoon session entitled 'Mentoring for the Future' (more details here) where we will share the survey results and further explore the topics covered by this survey.

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