Our office manager in Afghanistan, Mrs. Karimi, recently visited Mazar-e-Sharif Juvenile Detention Center, where many young children are currently in jail for petty offenses. She reported that many of the children detained were under the age of 15 without access to education. With the help of volunteers, Child Foundation arranged a day of games and musical performances for the imprisoned children and are planning to provide books for them to start a library.

During this visit, Mrs. Karimi was informed that some of the children’s sentences were completed, but due to their parent’s poor financial wellbeing, they had been abandoned at the prison. Among these children, she spoke with a young boy, Farid, who was sentenced to a 1 ½ years in prison for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Since he did not have identification documents at the time he was admitted and the judge who sentenced him retired, he was just left at the prison. The officials even found out he was innocent and was eligible to be released but because his parents were too poor to travel, he was left in prison along with 8 other innocent children.
As a result, Child Foundation arranged for his freedom and since no one was taking responsibility, our representative drove him on a day-long trip to his hometown, Takhar, to return him to his parents. Farid’s mother and father, who is sick and unable to work, were astonished he was released thanked Child Foundation for reuniting them with their son.

To help our Afghanistan initiatives, please donate here or sponsor a child from Afghanistan by visiting our waiting list here

Kamyar Lashgari 
President & CEO
Celebrating ‘White Cane Safety’ Day!
On Monday, October 15 th we celebrated International White Cane Safety Day. This day is set aside to celebrate the achievements of the blind or visually impaired as well as increase awareness of white cane traffic safety laws. White canes are recognized for providing the visually impaired greater mobility and reminds people about the how it is an important tool in helping them live with greater independence.

Child Foundation aims to honor this day to increase awareness around the challenges that visually impaired students are facing and provide support in any way possible.

Currently, we support 27 female students and 13 male students who are blind or have deficient vision with an educational scholarship. These students have earned valuable achievements in various extracurricular fields as well as their educational disciplines. To support a child in need, please visit our waiting list here .
Yasaman is a talented student from Ahwaz, Khuzestan. Her parents have separated, and her mother has refused her child support to be able to take her custody. Yasaman lives with her mother, brother, her mother’s grandfather and their 10-member family in a house. Their insufficient income comes from charitable aides. Yasaman’s mother works as a maid, but her income is not sufficient either. To pursue
her educational goals, Yasaman needs your support.

 To preserve the privacy of the children and their families, Child Foundation will only provide details of each child to their designated sponsor.
Sobhan is a 16-year old hardworking student from Bushehr, Iran. He is a talented student who is studying in the 10 th grade.
Sobhan grew up without the presence of his father in his life. For this reason, his mother works hard to solely provide for Sobhan and his brother. They live in a rented home which is paid for through the majority of Sobhan’s mothers income. Sobhan is a talented teenager who would love to continue his education, but due to family-economic problems, his access to education is being threatened.

With your support, we can help make a bright and better future for Sobhan and fuel progress in his education.
After reviewing Sobhan’s talents, interest, and motivations and taking into consideration the financial needs of the family, Child Foundation has granted a $50 /Month Scholarship to the student. Join us in creating a better future for him. Please take action and sponsor Sobhan with a minimum of $30 per month.

 To preserve the privacy of the children and their families, Child Foundation will only provide details of each child to their designated sponsor.
Halloween, Persian Style!
Our volunteers in Orange County, California are teaming up with the Vasht Foundation in organizing a fun Halloween event for children in Irvine. The day will be filled with entertainment programs including dance performances, a puppet show, handcraft workshops, ceramic painting, and a DJ playing songs for children ( and their parents ).

The event is free with no age limits -- Bring your family for a few hours of fun! For more information,  please visit here.
The story may be fading out of the news but not the suffering of Rohingya refugees.
Since August of 2017, more than 700,000 Rohingya have fled the killings, rapes, arbitrary arrests, and mass arson of homes in hundreds of predominantly Rohingya villages in the northern Rakhine province of Myanmar (Burma).

The United Nations describes the military offensive in Rakhine, which provoked the exodus, as a " textbook example of ethnic cleansing ". They reported 52% of the female population was surveyed to have been raped at one point and more than 40% of children in the refugee camps are orphans.

Child Foundation is teaming up with a local nonprofit in Bangladesh to deliver supplies and educational material for Rohingya children to help them to establish a sense of normalcy and care for these terrorized children.

You are NOT powerless in helping Rohingya children . Join us in our efforts to help them by donating to our refugee fund here .
Thanksgiving is Just Around the Corner!
Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away, and as a reminder to our Child Foundation community, this is a holiday that represents giving back .

This year, Child Foundation is working with a few trusted local charities and volunteers to provide you with opportunities to children in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Iran, Myanmar, and Uganda.

To get involved with our efforts, we kindly request that you donate to our food basket program here . You can always start a Facebook fundraiser in just a few minutes. For more information on our Thanksgiving campaign, visit our site here .

Thank you for joining Child Foundation to help children have access to education.
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You can even start a fundraiser through Facebook for Child Foundation -- it is very easy and can be done in just a few minutes.

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