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June Oral Health Expert PDF
Changes in seasons can mean changes in eating habits. We’ll focus on the best farmers market finds and which fruits can be hard on your teeth. Plus, we’ll cover 3 swim safety tips you should follow to avoid dental emergencies in the pool.
Different dental plans may leverage different networks. Your network savings may vary depending on the network status of your dentist. How do you know which network your plan provides access to? Watch this short video to find out.
Adults with dental coverage are 50% more likely to visit the dentist as least once at year.
It’s important for your employees to use their preventive benefits! Most Delta Dental plans pay all or most of the cost for preventive care like cleanings and exams. Regular visits to the dentist help detect issues early before they become painful and costly problems. 
White Paper: Helping Employees Get the Most Value Out Of Their Dental Benefits
Because dental benefits have the potential to improve both oral and overall health, it’s important that employees make the most of their coverage. By taking some simple steps, you can help encourage employees to leverage their dental benefits as effectively as possible.
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