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Baltimore City Public Schools as well as Baltimore City Catholic Schools will be closed tomorrow which will leave many of our children without breakfast or lunch. If your church or mosque is planning on serving breakfast and/or lunch, or if you would like to donate or volunteer please let us know and we will share your information with the community. 

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Baltimore City Public Schools - 2014-15 Student enrollment: 84,976 total
  • 45,585 students in grades pre-k-5
  • 17,050 students in grades 6-8
  • 22,341 students in grades 9-12
Student demographics
  • 82.7 percent African American; 8 percent White; 7.4 percent Hispanic/Latino
  • 84 percent low income (based on eligibility for Free or Reduced-Price Meals)

Metropolitan UMC
1121 W. Lanvale St., 
Baltimore, MD 21217
Serving Breakfast and Lunch

Northside Baptist
1100 East Nothern Parkway 
Baltimore, MD
Serving lunch and grief counselors will be on hand. 

... You will raise up the age-old foundations; And you will be called the repairer of the breach, The restorer of the streets in which to dwell. (Isaiah. 58:12)


April 27, 2015

Baltimore United for Change, a broad coalition of community groups, has released the following statement in response to today's events:


"It has been 15 days since Freddie Gray was stuffed into a Baltimore Police Department van and no officer, elected official or agency has taken any responsibility for his subsequent death or the policies that allow it to stand.


Therefore, we continue to witness the further erosion of the already broken relationship between Black communities and law enforcement.


The truth is that our region's elected officials have not seen it as politically useful to act on the long-standing issues of police violence in Black communities. What we are witnessing today is the crossing of a tipping point by communities that have remained unheard for far too long.

The Baltimore Police Department is employing aggressive and heavy-handed tactics on Black youth who have not accepted the platitudes or spin being offered from our region's leaders.

The same Baltimore Police Department skirting responsibility for the death of Freddie Gray is now trying to sell our city a narrative where gangs have issued a "unified threat" against police officers. The NYPD tried that tactic in December and it remains unproven. What we have seen is an unprecedented truce between rival gangs which is in the best interest of our communities. For us, the greatest threat is from law enforcement.


Stoking the flames of fear won't get our city out of this. More explanations about what isn't possible will not get our city out of this. Increasing militarized crackdowns will only serve to further diminish Baltimore's hope of meeting the challenge of eradicating police violence.


Our region's leaders must take decisive action to end Baltimore's dangerous addiction to broken law enforcement policies that ruin communities, tear apart families and cost lives."


Baltimore United for Change is a broad coalition of groups seeking justice for Freddie Gray and an end to police violence.


Members include: Baltimore Algebra Project, Baltimore BLOC, Casa De Maryland, City BLOC, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, Tyrone West Coalition, Kinetics, Rev. Dr. Heber Brown and more



All proceeds from this campaign will go to support on the ground work in Baltimore with grassroots activists, organizations and churches through the Baltimore United for Change Coalition. 

I had a long talk with a man the other day about this bus situation. He discussed the peace being destroyed in the community, the destroying of good race relations. I agree that it is more tension now. But peace is not merely the absence of this tension, but the presence of justice. And even if we didn't have this tension, we still wouldn't have positive peace. Yes, it is true that if the Negro accepts his place, accepts exploitation and injustice, there will be peace. But it would be a peace boiled down to stagnant complacency, deadening passivity, and if peace means this, I don't want peace. -  When Peace Becomes Obnoxious," Sermon Delivered on 18 March 1956 

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