Monday, December 2, 2019

I have urgent news. The tax and spend lobby is winning in California .

And they are coming after you and your business for more taxes. They want more property taxes, more sales taxes, more user fees, more costly regulations, and more freedom restricting laws.

Bottom line is they want more government imposed taxes, fees, rules, mandates, and regulatory state interference .
SBCTA, along with a handful of other local citizens groups, is committed to opposing all of the above and doing it relentlessly. And that is why we are reaching out to you today.
We need your financial support to take on the well-funded, politically favored special interests that are committed to taxing you more, costing you more, regulating you more, and even suing you more .
If you are a small, medium, or large business in California, you're under attack from the politicians who are beholden to radical groups funded with tax-deductible gifts from Hollywood, and a variety of left-wing foundations.

All of these donors favor a big and intrusive government, higher taxes, and radical "green" initiatives that will bankrupt you, your family, your business, our cities, our county and eventually our state.
And here's what you also need to know, they are better organized than we are, they receive more favorable press than we do, and they are doing a better job of appealing to the soft-hearts and malleable minds of our kids .
The proposals coming from the left today presents an existential crisis. They are a severe threat to our families, our businesses, our freedoms, and ultimately our quality of life.
I am not suggesting to you today that supporting the Santa Barbara County Taxpayers Association will be the silver bullet we need to stop the menace of those who want to transform our economy and our society into something none of us will recognize .
Frankly, it might already be too late.

The forces I am describing to you might have an insurmountable advantage over small organizations like SBCTA, and COLAB, and even other larger groups including Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, the Pacific Legal Foundation, and others.

And that is why you should support these freedom-fighting organizations as well .
But we must never give up, or stop defending the principles and ideals that made America great or that continue to make America exceptional or the indispensable nation.
What are a few of those principles and ideas, and are they really under attack today? Or is this just more political hysterics?

Well, you decide. What is the current state of the following American institutions?

  • Private Property
  • Limited Government
  • Capitalism
  • Lower Taxes
  • Fossil Fuels
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Ranching
  • Farming
  • Free Speech
The list could go on...but I think you get the point.
SBCTA is committed to defending you, your family, your business, your property...and perhaps especially your right to pursue happiness.
And let me state what I believe to be unequivocal; the right to private property, including the right to keep more of what you earn and produce, is inextricably linked to the right to pursue happiness.
2020 is going to be a pivotal year in the battle to defend and protect our families, our jobs, and our businesses from the political forces organizing against them. And they are well funded, and as determined as ever.
And so I am asking you to please donate to our 2019 Annual Appeal so that we can resource up for the battle ahead. We can't do it alone. And we can't do it without you and thousands of people just like you.
Please consider donating the following amounts (or any other amount you can) and click on the button below to make your end-of-year financial gift to SBCTA today. Please don’t delay.
Or even $50, $25, $10...or any other amount you can give will help us in this fight!
If you would prefer to not pay with a credit card and would rather send a check, that is perfectly fine too. Just make the check out to SBCTA and mail it to:

Post Office Box 21621
Santa Barbara, CA 93121

Please share this message with your friends, family, and others who are concerned with the direction we are headed in California and Santa Barbara County.
We are anxious to hit the ground running in January to fight for you and promote lower taxes, higher-paying jobs, reliable energy security, and the Morality of Prosperity!

Please support these important efforts by making a generous financial gift today.
I want to thank you in advance for your support and generosity.

Best regards,

Joe Armendariz
Executive Director
PS : Save the date: Wednesday, March 18th for our Annual Taxpayers Association "State of the State" Event where we will host Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association 's President, Jon Coupal. Jon is on top of every state issue impacting taxpayers in California. You don't want to miss what Jon has to say.

And also stay tuned for the date of our January 2020 meeting where we will be electing a new Board of Directors.
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