Hey everyone!
We're excited to have the Help Fund Wallwood campaign officially launched, and we're pleased to see that in the first 6 days we've already raised nearly $3,000. However, as of this morning, we only have 7 units registered, and for us to meet our goal it's crucial that we get ALL of our packs and troops onboard! We've had some questions about how exactly to go about creating your team (and how that differs from "joining a team"), and so we wanted to clarify exactly what you need to do to get your unit and scouts registered.
To Create a New Team

  • If your unit has not created a team yet, click the option on the right "Create Your Own Team":

  • Next, you'll be asked to create a login with your First Name, Last Name and your personal Email Address. 
  • Then, you'll see this page, where you actually create your team page:

  • In the Team Name field, enter the name of your Pack or Troop. 
  • Set your Team Goal to $75 X the number of scouts in your unit (or more if you'd like!) 
  • In the Team Story section, write a short description of why your Pack/Troop loves Wallwood and explain that we're asking for donations to help keep the camp funded in tough financial times for the Council. 
  • Click Next, and on this page, upload a photo of your Troop or Pack:

  • Click Upload, and then you'll see this page:

  • Click the Go to Your Campaign Page and you'll be taken to the admin page for your team-specific campaign page. Don't mess with anything here, just click the View button here:

  • A new tab will open with your team's page that will look like this (obviously I didn't fill out the story section in this example or upload a photo):

For some examples of pages that have been fully filled out with a great photo and story, see:
You're ready to start sharing your team's page! Just click the Share or Tweet buttons, or simply copy the URL out of your browser's address bar and paste it into an email or social media post, like I did with the examples above.
As you begin to receive donations, you'll see them listed on the right sidebar of your team's campaign page:


To Join An Existing Team
This step is totally optional. However, if you want for donations that are being made to your team to be attributed to a specific person within your Troop or Pack and to have their name listed in the Fundraisers section of the main campaign's Leaderboard, then you need to do this step. Otherwise, the only Fundraiser that will be listed on the Leaderboard will be the person who setup your team's page.


  • Click the option on the left "Join a Team":

  • Click on the team that was created for your Pack or Troop:

From there, it will have you create a CrowdRise login with your name and email address and you'll show up in the list of Team Members that donors can select from when making a donation to a team, as well as the main campaign's list of Fundraisers.
What you need to share to your friends and family so they can donate
When you go to share the campaign, you can share either the main campaign URL or your team-specific page URL. It does not matter which one you share. The only difference is that if someone clicks the Donate button off of the main campaign page, it will first ask them to select the team that they want the donation to be attributed to, then it will ask them for the Team Member that they want the donation attributed to. If you share your team-specific campaign page, it won't ask this first question, because it will already know which team the donation is going to be associated to.
If you share the main campaign page:
Make sure to tell people to select your team from the dropdown they'll see on the donate page:

After they select a team, they'll be asked to specify a team member on the team:

If you share your team-specific campaign page :
The only difference will be that people will see your team photo and name and won't be asked the first question about which team is this donation associated to:

I hope these instructions help to clarify parts that might have been unclear or confusing previously, but if you have any questions at all or need help, please cotact me at  Austin.Davidson@tresta.com  or Janet Norwillo at jnorwillo@bellsouth.net We would be more than happy to hop on a phone call with you and walk you through whatever questions or issues you may be experiencing. 

Thanks so much everyone and please help spread the word within the Scouting community about the importance of this campaign. We won't reach our goal without widespread support from nearly all the units, but if we can get everyone fired up about this and behind it, we can not only meet but exceed the $80,000 goal, leaving us with money left over to do an improvement project at Wallwood!

Austin Davidson
SRAC VP of Fund Development