Thursday, July 12, 2018
Marine Corps Recruiters Work 7 Days A Week
Help Us Give Them A Day With Their Family

Marines often work odd and long hours. For the most part, the Marines that come to mind are Drill Instructors or Marines deployed, and rightfully so. However, often lost in the shuffle are Marine Corps Recruiters. Recruiters spend a large amount of time away from their families conducting poolee functions, driving poolees to and from MEPS, and filling out paperwork. Recruiters work long hours seven days a week and do not get to spend much time with their families. is holding a fundraiser to give a group of Marine Corps recruiters and Marines who work in the recruiting offices from the New York city area a break from their duties by sending them to Six Flags in mid July to spend some much needed time with their family members. Click here to donate now.

Most Marines who work in this area do not have their own transportation so we need to fundraise for the cost of two chartered buses as well.

Our goal is to raise $6,600 to cover admission fees and transportation for each Marine and family member in attendance.

For 15 years, has always stepped up to help our Marines across the nation. Whether it's helping Marines during a time of tragedy or giving them a break from the stressors of work, we continue to ensure that Marines are taken care of. With your help we can give these recruiters and their deserving family members something to smile about.

God Bless and Semper Family!

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Because it funds our outreach programs!

In the past five years we have spent $2,454,175 on outreach programs for Marine families, and $1,641,815 of that came directly from store sales.

Over 67% of what we do would not be possible without significant income from the EGA Shop.

Support Marines and look good doing it, by shopping at !

Please spread the word to your Marine family and friends, and  "like" the EGA Shop on Facebook.  

Thanks for your support!
Team Marine Parents Participant
Amanda Jacobs

Every year Amanda and her whole family participate in the OKC Memorial Marathon. This year she plans to add the MCM10K in Washington, D.C. to the schedule.

Featured Volunteer
Stephanie Bowling

Stephanie is a Facebook volunteer for She is currently a Group Guide for 3rd Battalion, Mike Company Parris Island and Interim Group Guide for 1st Battalion Charlie Company, Parris Island.

Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS)

The Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS) is an identification authentication and force protection tool that is fully operational on military bases throughout the world. Starting July 9, 2018 DBIDS will be integrated to select military installations. Not all installations will integrate at the same time so it is important to check the base website prior to visiting the base.