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Help Keep Your Future Healthcare Costs More in Control –
Send Your Support to Stop Costly 'Venue Shopping' Practices for Lawsuits, Now Being Considered by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court
It’s an old issue made new again with an overstep by the PA Supreme Court. Back in 2002, reforms were passed because of frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits that were being heard in Philadelphia when they had no business being in that jurisdiction/county. 

The Philadelphia court system was and is notorious for larger than normal rewards and unfavorable courts for defendants. This was causing medical malpractice insurance to go through the roof and as a results many doctors left the state and hospitals shut down entire wings and practices that were 'high risk.'

This led to babies being delivered in neighboring states, surgeries having to be done out of state, and a lack of healthcare access and skyrocketing medical insurance costs for employers. 

The reforms from 2002 worked!
Frivolous lawsuit numbers have been down and the market has re-regulated itself.

But now, The PA Supreme Court has issued draft rules and in it they are allowing for venue shopping to occur once again! Many feel this can and will be challenged should the rules take effect, but that will be a long and drawn out process and the business community will be paying for it while it plays out.

We must stop this rule from taking effect in the first place.

'HOW Can I Help Stop This New Rule From Becoming Law?'

There is an easy-to-write form letter you can complete, and easily send to lawmakers expressing your concern.

Simply click here. You will be directed to a 'Protect Your Healthcare' page, where the words 'Send A Letter' appear in a small box. (By just clicking this box, a form will appear for you to enter your name and other information). Your letter will then be pre-filled. By clicking 'Submit and Review' you can review your information before it is actually submitted to your local elected representative.

Both the state House and Senate are currently working on resolutions regarding this proposed rule, so your support is needed!

Your involvement in sending your letter, and a successful outcome in front of the PA Supreme Court, will allow this burdensome rule to be defeated.