This Giving Tuesday, help IPAY join the Chamber of 
Commerce for Greater Philadelphia by making a donation.
Dear IPAY community,

While I joined the IPAY team in May 2019 this is my first email to you and I am excited announce a new initiative that will impact how much IPAY charges members and the services we are able to provide.

In the past we have made modest increases to our membership fees in order to increase membership benefits, increase resources, and ensure our sustainability. Now, our staffing structure allows us to continue supporting our members while also actively raising funds. This means that for the first time we can make little or no increase to IPAY membership fees while still increasing services and managing sustainability The next step in this initiative is IPAY's membership to the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia. This Giving Tuesday, please make a donation to support IPAY's membership to the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia. We are confident that with the support of the Chamber we will:
  • increase time spent on fundraising by 30% in year 1
  • increase asks and solicitations by 50% in year 1
  • raise $10,000 in additional funds in year 1

Even a donation of $5 makes a difference toward our goal of raising $1,500!
As a donor you'll receive updates throughout 2019 on our progress toward the above stated goals, milestones, and subsequent funds raised due to your support! You can track our progress toward $1,500 here!

If this email has not yet convinced you to donate, please tune in for a live Q&A with me and the Chamber's Membership Advisor, Roger Richardson. We'll discuss benefits of membership to the Chamber and how IPAY will increase it's fundraising capacity in 2019. Of course you can also ask any questions you may have!

TJ Alladin, Managing Director
International Performing Arts for Youth  |  
267-690-1325  |  |

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