Dear Neighbors,
I have worked on many issues throughout the County, smart growth being one of them.  The PTSA of John Hanson Montessori School, our children's former school (along with Oxon Hill High School) have been advocating for the denial of the application to build a new Walmart Super Center between to the two schools off Oxon Hill Road.

As concerned parents, we are not opposed to the building of a new Walmart in the area, but this location is not ideal.  I have personally testified before the Planning Board and the Zoning Hearing Examiner that the location will exacerbate traffic along Oxon Hill Road (especially during the evening commute), and represents a safety concern for our students attending both schools.  

A more appropriate location would be on the east side of MD Route 210 between Palmer Road and Kerby Hill Road.

Would you help us continue our fight so we can pay our attorney for the next stage of litigation?  We are asking for donations between $5.00 and $50:

Staying engaged,

Tamara Davis Brown

Tamara Davis Brown

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