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The Urban Sketchers drew our ship during her 81st birthday celebrations. Here's one.

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June 7, 2019

Summer is finally busting through -- so that means programs on deck! We have two June ones for you below, plus news that our team has grown and updates on various endeavors including the effort to save the façade of the historic Lidgerwood building from being fully flattened. Lastly, we are launching a $10,000 campaign to kick off Summer TankerTime. Please make a donation now to get that rolling. 

As always, thanks for your support!
Carolina Salguero 
Founder & President
Program Updates & Two Events for You
July 2018 Second Sundays TankerTime

Second Sundays TankerTime is this weekend, June 9!  BYOB and food, 6pm to midnight, rain or shine.  It will be a special one as we will celebrate the 40th birthday of creative whiz Nicolas Anderson who introduced the Mediterranean music jam to our Second Sundays and turned them into a floating salon where French is spoken as much as English.

We offer you a  Walt Whitman poetry reading, in partnership with Brooklyn Public Library, to celebrate Whitman's his 200th birthday, Pride Month and the 50th anniversary of Stonewall.  The event is Wednesday, June 19, on our ship, and we'll adjourn to nearby building space in case of rain.  Complimentary libations.   

Part of the Lidgerwood complex that we are not trying to save

We are often quoted in the press these days as we fight to save the south façade of the historic Lidgerwood building.  A community coalition, with the strong support of Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez and Councilman Carlos Menchaca, have convinced UPS to stop demolishing the south façade, to do an engineering study to consider saving it, and to meet with the community.  Progress!  Please sign the petition and get updates here . We are also advocating for UPS to bring in their freight by water and are glad to hear that they are talking to the Port Authority about that.  Meanwhile, let's not forget the historic  Bowne Storehouse. 

Our two resident poets from NYC's first 1st "Poets Afloat" month created great poems inspired by the MARY!  Read them here.

In June, resident artist Donna Maria deCreeft is using our Captain's cabin to further her work inspired by diatoms. What's special about these single cell algae?  Here's a video she recommends as an answer; it's about an artist who revives the Victorian mania for making art by arranging diatoms under a microscope.

The Community Education Council for our district, CEC15, is excited about our programs with PS 676, the Red Hook Neighborhood School, and asked us to make this presentation.

Our team is growing!
Welcome new board members Melissa Perry   and Carmen Rainieri
  • Melissa is an attorney at Cohen, LaBarbera & Landrigan, LLP after a nineteen-year career working with at-risk youth. She is a boater and lover of mechanical things coming from a family of GE turbine engineers.
  • Carmen Rainieri is a Preconstruction Director at Skanska where he does Global project management throughout the United Sates and the Caribbean. He did the cost estimating work on our business plan for the building space next to our ship. He appreciates all things waterfront having grown up along the Jersey shore. His dream is to get a historic ship and bring it back to life, something we are now working on together.
Adrian Bacolo has joined the crew and is deploying his 10 years' of marketing experience to bring a fresh perspective to our website, newsletter, and social media.

If you would like to join our board or recommend someone for us to approach, please get in touch.

Former crew in the news
We support moving goods by water and are excited to see former MARY A. WHALEN crew member Bob Kunkel increasingly in the news with his new Harbor Harvest hybrid ferry. 
Staying in touch
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Looking for fascinating "did you know?" WaterStories content plus news about us? Follow our social media.  The liveliest portal is Facebook page Mary A. Whalen due to how long we have developed a community conversation there.  We are on Twitter and Instagram too.

More in the photos below!
Chiclet Check
Chiclet is our bonafide Brooklyn ship cat. So, what's she been up to?

Not the usual way of sleeping with the fishes

Chiclet does sleep around. She likes to bunk with the marine plush toys we use with our youngest visitors. 
Gallery: Spring Highlights

High School students from BASIS who helped run the TankerTours for the 81st birthday of our MARY A. WHALEN. Two others from BASIS helped prep for the event.  We also had a student docent from the New York Harbor School, an aspiring marine engineer, who will be interning with us this summer. Thank you all!

An Urban Sketcher, post sketch, during  the 81st birthday events for our MARY A. WHALEN

6/29/1989 historic photo of our ship that we just acquired. Can anyone ID where this is and ID the sunken vessel in the background? Mariners Harbor, Staten Island?

A sign donated to us by Bill Burkard. His father John Burkard succeeding in getting the DOT to install 10 signs from Red Hook to downtown Brooklyn marking the historic Red Hook Lane.  It's coming to us since they have just sold the family home ending 60 years of Burkards living in Red Hook. We definitely need building space to exhibit all our artifacts.
PortSide place-based maritime education! We brought the PS 676 1st grade class close to the cruise ship, helped them interview departing passengers, and then they met the Customs sniffer dog Pio below.

Three photos below: It takes a village! Red Hook businesses have been a big help during our Oysters Plus curriculum with PS 676 1st grade. NY Printing donated the paper for the students to make their "don't pollute" posters.  The oyster shells on a planter outside Kevin's Restaurant made a great scavenger hunt goal. Red Hook Lobster Pound showed the students live lobsters. 
Thank you all!

Once it stops raining, you never know who will show up on deck. (You can too!) Reid Andrés popped by during weekday TankerTime to practice his guitar. You can get his new album in all the usual online places.

New volunteer and brave man Matthew Lyon takes on re-organizing the tool crib by pulling it all out, purging, cleaning and putting it back in. Super brave.

Trainee at District Council 9's training center prepping to paint the brackets on the fidley skylight cranks. We brought 4 fidley skylights with 16 portlights and 4 cranks along with all the engine room deck plate.  Thanks DC9 for this work!

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