Please consider sharing part of your
COVID stimulus check with them.
The next 3 months are going to be very difficult for many families in SE Michigan, and doubly so for many immigrant families--they will not be receiving stimulus checks.

 Immigrants used to find work in restaurants that are now closed. In years past, construction or landscape workers and their families would travel back home for the winter – but it is now much more difficult with COVID and border restrictions – and the rent and utility bills keep coming. Husbands of many families have recently been deported, leaving behind moms and children -- and the need to balance home-schooling with work – but even housecleaning jobs are far fewer because of COVID. 

Fear and anxiety run deep for children (and adults) in these families, and family counseling costs money.  

Please consider making a donation that will help our Accompaniment Task Force respond to emergency needs of immigrant families in crisis here in SE Michigan.  
You can donate electronically with the button (at the top of the page) or you can send a check to:
19972 Shrewsbury, Detroit MI 48221
(Write “Families in Crisis“ in the memo line.)