Geoffrey lost his mother as a young child. His uncle took him in but life was very difficult and unfair there. He did get some education. He felt he had to leave, find a job to care for himself. He turned to his Bible, read it and began to see God as the Father of orphans. His despair and hopelessness lifted. God sent him to go and tell others of the good news he read from his Bible. Currently he is helping house to house and groups to know Jesus. He married and has 4 children of his own and has adopted 3 orphans to help their conditions of life. But there is always another orphan that finds its way to his home. He is a farmer and grows his own garden and works but it is not enough to meet their needs of food and clothing. See his story and pictures. If you feel God impressing you to help them you can donate through our website and we'll see they get the funds. Wanting to make you aware of this need.

Praise be to God for allowing me share with you as you have mentioned. I am a small scale farmer, and have a family that God has blessed me with and ministry as well as a servant of God. It is unfair to see others suffer, and for this reason, I am living with 16 kids that do not have parents and others from poor families. This is because of increased levels of HIV AIDS, negligence and mistreatment from guardians and also abandonment. They are always happy as my wife and I treat them as our own sons and daughters. I do depend on small-scale farming and always share what little God blesses me with to the poor in their homes, with maize and vegetables in their old, worn-out homes.

In the last two weeks, during a household visit to share the Word of God, I found some children affected by chiggers.

I felt bad as sincerely they were not enjoying their life. I fully sacrificed and sold a goat to buy chemicals and washed them.

I'm requesting your prayers and your love support of means, for getting food, clothing, education and shelter as we are staying in this small home. Hope with God's love we will meet their needs according to His riches and His Glory. Thank you very much!

Pastor Geoffrey

Walking as Jesus Walked,
Jim & Sally
                                 Jesus our Shepherd & Savior!!