eUpdate - April 26, 2015 
How to help Nepal Earthquake victims 
Tragedy reminds us to prepare
As the devastating impact of the recent massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal grows hour by hour, many of us want to help the victims and survivors. 

The destruction of earthquakes is especially meaningful to those of us living in "earthquake country;" aware of our own vulnerability. Many of us have been touched by smaller, but significant California quakes. 

Assessing the damage and death toll in Nepal will take weeks or longer. But we already know that near 2,000 people are feared dead, with injuries and damage widespread. The quake was centered just outside of Kathmandu, the country's capital and largest city. 

How can you help? Here are a few aid organizations active in the Nepal crisis. 

Crowdrise - crowdfunding site

(It's a good idea to review any group accepting funds for Nepal (or any cause) on Charity Navigator, a nonprofit that evaluates the impact and legitimacy of organizations.) 

The Nepal earthquake reminds us of the importance of emergency preparedness. This is a good time to check and restock our emergency kits (if you already have one), start making a kit (if you don't), update our emergency contacts, and  secure tall furniture like bookcases and cabinets to walls.

Here's a short list of essential items for an emergency kit, which should be packed to last for 7 days:
  • Battery powered or hand cranked radio
  • Flashlight
  • Water
  • Non-perishable food
  • Medication
  • Emergency contact list
  • Pet food and supplies

For detailed information about disaster preparedness, here are some helpful weblinks:

John Gioia
Supervisor, District One 
Contra Costa County 
11780 San Pablo Avenue, Suite D 
El Cerrito, CA  94530 
510-231-8686 Phone