If you are reading this, I have reason to believe that you:

  1. Enjoy performing live
  2. You are a performer or musician yourself, or
  3. You might know one or two peformers, musicians, commedians, you know, that sort. If so ...
You can help Keith's Friday Hootenanny Recruit Performers!

It's simple:

1 - Please forward this email to your musical and performing friends so the can learn more, then perform at Keith's Friday Hootenanny

2 - Please register yourself to play at a Keith's Friday Hootenanny

You are probably craving a live audience as much as your audience craves live performers.

That's the symbiosis that makes the Hootenanny work. It's low effort, low risk, and very very high reward for everyone!

We are getting large, coffee house sized crowds on Zoom (ok, modest coffee house sizes) - we've grown from about 25 to 80 viewers after 5 shows.

So give it a shot. We'll keep running these Hootenanny's until we don't.

And we don't wanna don't.

Thanks a bunch,

Sincerely, using Zoom for Good, and not evil,

Keith Dundas
Hootenanny Q & A
  • Should I perform at the Hootenanny? Yes

  • Should I forward this email to my musical friends? Yes, indeedy, please do.

  • Do performers get paid? No.

  • Does anyone get paid? Nope.

  • What's the time commitment? Sound Check Thursday night, performer call 6:30 PM Friday

  • What's the musical commitment? 3 tunes, 10 minutes - total Hootenanny takes about 1 hour

  • How many other performers other than me? 3 others, 4 in total

  • Zoom sucks for musicians. OK, that's not a question. However, Zoom has settings for musicians, see Zoom Audio Setup Tricks and Tips below

  • Do I need a special microphone? Good mics make good sound, but we've had great performances with musicians piping their sound directly into their laptop. Again, I'll help you with this.

  • What do I get out of this? Oh, I love this question. You get 2-3 videos of your performance you are free to share. You get to play live. You get to invite your friends to hear you. You kinda get to hang with other musicians. Check out the youtube channel and you'll see what's what.

  • What's the one single reason I should even consider this playing opportunity? Simply, it's astounding how musicians can connect with people - intimately, and creatively - over Zoom. Truly. Check out our video channels and you'll see for yourself.
Tell me a little about yourself - Your name, a little background, photos, social media etc - I'll use them all in your section of the Hoot invitation I send out Wednesday Evening. I'll also use these assets - your links to social media - to promote you on my FB and Instagram sites.

I'll also use your photos in the performance video I cut and other social promotional channels.
Zoom Audio Setup Tricks and Tips
We run the Hoot on Zoom (so it's technically called a Hoom ). This means you need to optimize zoom so the audience can hear your sweet sweet music in all its rich fidelity! Watch this video, it’s going to tell you how to set up zoom, and make it work.

But don't worry - we go through a technical soundcheck before the gig...
Showtime Friday Night
4 Acts
3 tunes
1 hour
2 much fun!
Hootenanny Youtube Channel
Garage for sale or rent
Garage for sale or rent. Bring your own fireplace. Best two part harmony you're going to hear for a while.
If these two can play like this with their mittens on, can't wait for spring.
Here's the full February 5 Show
Have a listen, stroll and scroll, 4 amazing acts - such variety.
This program features Brent Kawchuk and his son Rory on guitars, Opera signer Louisa Adria and Violinist James Watson, Marc Moreau on a very grand piano, and Mike Allan singing, playing the piano, and guitar. Just not all at once. He's working on it, though.
Do you want to break your own heart?
Prepare yourself for a quietly stunning performance of La Vie En Rose.

We connect with people. Really do.
What's shimmery slippery and wears a cutie-pie bow tie?
I'll riddle you that, because your answer is just one click away where you'll find 2 minutes of Stephen King, his big heart, and four short strings.

He does the strummin', you do the hummin'.