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Imminent Closure Ahead

A personal statement from the Executive Director 


It is with great sadness and heavy heart that Fluxx will close its doors at the end of June 2014


Its been almost 4years since we opened the first and only LGBTQ community performance arts space in the Southwest. A safe space where you can be yourself no matter your identity... Growing up there were no safe spaces such as Fluxx, a place where I could dress, perform, dance, create, speak my needs, my wants, my feelings or just be me... I wasn't the only one who felt this way and as I grew older I knew I wanted something different, something more but unsure how it would happen. Boys R Us happened.... 


Until our closure we will honor all of our commitments through June. So if you haven't been to Fluxx in awhile or have never attended a class or event - now is your time to see what could have been... A fundraiser closure party will be announced soon. Those funds will help in paying our final bills.


A "Thank You" goes a long way ... unless you are a bill collector 


A thank you goes a long way for me, but the bill collectors have no care in the world of who you are or what you do...the bills must get paid.


It cost $4000 - $5000 a month (depending on the time of year) to keep the doors of Fluxx open and functioning. The summer is upon us and most local Tucsonans know this time of year can be very slow and bills tend to increase during this time. Our reserves are gone and without consistent monthly donations and use of the space were unable to keep up.


This last year has been very challenging on many levels, the loss of life, the loss of  love and the loss of freedom...an old Yoruba Proverb states: 



    "In order to live, you must Die!"



I get it so I embrace it... my spirit is free... 


We have always kept our event cost low so the space would be accessible to all, most of our classes have been donation based and even our rental fees do not compare to other venues; and you always get your monies worth at Fluxx. It's about quality not quantity. 


Many of the events we host are events that the community has asked for. On many occasions we have spent tremendous amounts of  time and energy, only to experience low attendance and little income generated, at those times we can't justify being here.


Fluxx has supported more than our share to other organizations, groups, businesses and individuals for little to nothing. To our disappointment there are many "leaders" in this community who have never said a thank you, dropped a note in the mail, showed support or asked how they could help... 


A Huge Community Loss


With our closure this is what the community will loose:


Salsa class

Zumba in the Dark classes

Hip Hop





Open Mics Events

Improve groups

Poetry Slams

Hip Hop Open Mic Night

Film screening space

International Film Fest

Meeting Space

Workshop Space

Rehearsal Space 

Fundraising and Community Action Space

Community Panel Space

Sex Positive Space

Themed Dance Nights

Individual and Group Performance Art Space

Private Event Space for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc...

Youth/Young Adult Space

Art Gallery and Reception Space


... these are just a few of the things we do at Fluxx



 Fluxx will no longer be able to organize, produce, sponsor or be a part of this short list of events:


  • Take Back the Night
  • Denim Day
  • Hey Baby
  • Slut Walk
  • World AIDS Day
  • Transgender Awareness Week
  • 4th ave Street Fair beer booth                              (raises funds for Iron Horse Neighborhood) 
  • Pride Dance Party
  • The LGBTQ International Film Festival
  • Bear Fiesta
  • Fluxx Fest
  • Queer Prom
  • Body Love Conference
  • The Great Cover Up
  • Positively Beautiful 


Help by Making a Donation

Make a donation to Fluxx in any amount possible


The price now a days for a cup of coffee goes a long way for a space like ours. A local grass roots space in the heart of Tucson helping to build and support community. Not just the LGBTQ community - but the Tucson Community.  Everyday we are dedicated to making this a better place to live, work and play. A place we can  call our own - a place we craft from our hearts. 


We need monthly donations to keep our doors open. This can be in the form of donation or membership. Members of Fluxx get free stuff - yes we work our tails off to give you value for your dollar. 


Monthly operating expenses have always been purely for rent, bills and supplies. No one receives a salary or payment for working. Your donation goes directly to keeping the doors open.  


Any amount helps - even $5.... the same cost as a cup of coffee!  

A Very Special Thank You

I want to take a moment to thank those who have given or shown their support since the day we opened our doors. I'm grateful for the opportunities I've been giving, the relationships, the creativity, the growth and even grief. 
To my team of volunteers, you are all Fluxx in my eyes! Your talents, time, energy and dedication are relentless. I can not be more proud of what you all have done and still do today; it blows my mind, heart and spirit.
The life blood of this organization has always been our volunteers. 
This whole organization runs on volunteers, including myself. 
With that being said; I'm humble and hopeful for today and the future

Dante Celeiro
Executive Director
Fluxx Productions 

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