Additional Bobcat Death from Rodenticide Poisoning
Late last week, the Town received the toxicology report from the adult male bobcat (Bobcat 550) that died on May 19, 2020. The cause of death was rodenticide poisoning. Four rodenticides were present at significant levels; three second-generation anticoagulants (SGAs) and one first-generation anticoagulant.   

Bobcat 550 is the seventh bobcat in the past year that has died as a result of rodenticide poisoning and c onsistent with the previous deaths investigated by the Town.
Become a Bobcat Guardian Today
The Town has received an inspiring amount of support for bobcat preservation efforts and is introducing a new initiative to mobilize that passion.

The  Bobcat Guardian  pledge is a voluntary commitment from residents, businesses, and pest management providers to eliminate SGAs rodenticides on Kiawah.

The Town is inviting residents to pledge to never use SGAs on their property, either by informing their pest control provider to cease use or by not applying SGAs themselves. 

Pledge participants will be listed on alongside business partners and pest management providers who have committed to eliminating the use of SGAs on Kiawah.

We are going to need community-wide participation to mitigate the issue and save our bobcat population. Take the pledge today and help us spread the word. 
Bobcat Guardian Providers & Business Partners
The Town would like to thank the pest management providers and business partners who quickly answered this call to action. You can view a list of those who have pledged at .

We welcome additional applications and forms for both providers and business partners are available on the website.
Learning with Lee featuring Wildlife Biologist Jim Jordan
Tune in on Thursday, July 30 at 3 p.m. for a new episode of the Kiawah Conservancy’s Learning with Lee program where Town Biologist Jim Jordan discusses Kiawah's bobcat decline, SGAs and bobcat preservation efforts. 

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