August 11 | Family Legacy Planning
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Our free virtual course is happening this week in our brand new Online Course Portal! We offer a daily course, handouts, worksheets and workshops. You do not want to miss it! This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered immediately.

August is "Make a Will" month as it is the most popular time to get your estate plan in order. In honor of raising awareness of securing your family's future, join our FREE VIRTUAL course to learn about pitfalls to avoid in securing a future plan for you and your family.

Estate planning simply means making a plan for your assets and loved ones in the event you need help someday, or preparing for when you may pass. Think of it as "peace of mind" planning. You have the chance to have your VOICE heard now, while you are healthy and able to speak your needs/desires.
You will also learn: 

  • Are there mistakes that are avoidable?
  • Is lack of decisiveness going to cost you money?
  • Will the court have to make decisions on your behalf?
  • Will the wrong people get custody of your kids?
  • Are you prepared if you get sick to have someone else help you out?
  • How do you avoid the costs of probate?
  • How do you protect the assets of your kids?
**This course is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice. No one should give you legal advice unless they sit down with you, talk about your facts, and have an attorney-client relationship with you.**
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