May 5, 2020
Junipero Serra High School Newsletter
Junipero Serra High School believes that students of all faiths and backgrounds deserve an academically challenging, spiritually enriching Catholic college preparatory education that forms them to become generous, responsible citizens and leaders

From Mother Teresa

"....the ocean would be less because of that missing drop."
Thanks to these Alumni and Friends of Serra for their buckets, cups and drops.
Greg Pollard '95, 
Tim Boyer '70,  Rudolph Bartens '61, Robert Muller '56, Gary Davis '60, Jim Miller '54, Derik LeCesne '73, Steve Baron '64, Joe Cormier '81,  Frank Carothers   
Gary Peck '70, Bruce Prime '61,  Jerry Castleberry '75, Alfred Long '60, Bernie Brandt '71, Diane Villaroman '12, (has a handful of neurosurgical research papers published)  and thanks to Christian De Larkin, Kyle, Vivian and Kirk Bertrand St. Bernards '00, Paul Murphy, Pius X '91 and Bernard Mccumbry St. Bernards '00. 
5001+ Club Members

Kathy and Jim McCaffery are 5001+ Club members. They have been invaluable supporters of Serra in many ways since their daughter began teaching at Serra in 2011-12   
Thank you to the McCaffery family.

To learn more about the 5001+ club, click here.
Best Quote by an ALL HAIL! Donor
"I am very proud of today's Serra family.  Now go out and win another State Football Championship."
Alfred Long '60
2nd Best Quote 
"Thanks to the Anonymous Donor for the matching gift"
Edward Murphy III '64
Serra, Huntington and Stanford Libraries and Dana Gioia '69.

"He strode on from Serra in seven league boots To Stanford and Harvard and General Foods Though cresting these summits, forgot not his roots Nor the call of his first true love."
Excerpt from Tim Philben's '68 poem "Ode to Dana Gioia" at the Dedication to Excellence Award Gala honoring Dana Gioia '69. 

"Dedication to Excellence" awardee, Dana Gioia '69 recently donated his papers to the Stanford and Huntington libraries.
Serra Business Support

Ramona's Mexican Food P roducts 
13633 S.  Western Ave. 
Gardena, CA 90249 
(310) 323-1950

No matter where you are remember to go online and read our hometown newspaper.

Remember Lomeli's gives a 20% discount when you wear Serra gear.

If you have a teenager ready for driving school head for EZ Will a great supporter of Serra.
Serra's Alumni Facebook
to go and like our Alumni Association page.
An Online School Day Begins.
The bell rang at 8:15 this morning.
Click here to see what the students saw.

How Fortuitous.  Today is Giving Tuesday.
This newsletter is being sent and posted on "Giving Tuesday."
 Those of you following the newsletter and facebook  know the situation. If  you want to read background, Click Here to go to Serra's website and read the last newsletters.  
Here is a brief summary. Some of Serra families are impacted by job loss, business closings etc. Therefore tuition suffers.

As reported, Alumni and other donations have slipped.  The requirement to postpone the Cavalier Golf Classic and other events has reduced revenue. These situations have caused a decline in the revenue from Alumni and Friends of Serra. This  revenue is  designated for  Tuition Assistance and The Alumni Scholarship(s).  Tuition suffers again.     
We wish we didn't have to continue this ask, but we do.  
Joe Cormier '81  Vince Kates '61

What else would you do?

Serra has applied for a small business loan/grant pursuant to the CARES Act. Farmer's and Merchants Bank has been very helpful.
The School continues to perform miracles.
We see and read the difficulties schools are having with online learning and academic performance. Not our Cavaliers.
To read an excerpt from a letter we received from a parent.

Here is an excerpt from the excerpt.
"It's just amazing and makes life way easier for me since I'm a nurse working 12-15 hour shifts daily.  So thank you guys from the bottom of my heart."
Official terms from our Alumni benefactor.
With your help, we may succeed beyond our original goal ($67k to match last year) for the ALL HAIL! Campaign.

 An older Alumnus learned of the need and made quite a commitment to the ALL HAIL! Campaign. 

We received this letter of commitment from this benefactor.
"Beginning on April 20 and through May 31, I will donate one dollar for every two dollars of alumni donations received by the Advancement/Alumni office. Under this matching program, I will donate a maximum amount of forty thousand dollars which would yield a total of $120,000 for the ALL HAIL! Campaign to be used for Tuition Assistance and the Alumni Scholarship Program."  


To date we have raised $20,211 in the ALL HAIL! campaign.
$26,000 more plus our benefactors match and we reach our revenue plan of $251,000.  Any amount over $250,845 and we set an Alumni fundraising record.  If  you would like to be a part of this Serra Alumni record, then choose an amount and click below to donate.

Your 10.00 donation becomes $15.00
Your $61.00  ALL HAIL! Card becomes $91.50
Your $201.00 Alumni Tile becomes $301.50  

Your X becomes  X + 1/2   
Click here to donate in any amount or send your check to:

Serra High School
ALL HAIL! Campaign
 14830 Van Ness Avenue
Gardena, CA 90249-3799.

Because of the ALL HAIL! campaign, the Serra Alumni may set another record.  More on that record soon.

To learn more about Serra Alumni Scholarship(s)
Click here or call Vince Kates '61 (310) 324-6675 EXT. 3010 It's worth investing.
What Year Is This Any Way?
Who can remember who rode their horses to Serra when the school was young? When we looked out the window this week, as we do from time to time, Lo! and Behold! Todd LaVergne '93 and star assistant Isaya Tindall were on horseback on the front lawn. We took a picture which includes experienced horsewoman Juanita Formica taking time out to critique their form.

Todd, the entrepreneur, owns and operates Todd's Pony Parties. For information call (323) 208-2534 or check him out Instagran..

Todd was a part the Cavalier 1993 State Champion Basketball Team which won Serra's first State Basketball Championship. A great team made up of great people. 
Reunions & Events
" The Cavalier Classic"
1. 1980 40th year reunion scheduled for June 20th.
(Will decide May 15)
(1980 El Padre Staff)

2. Old Timers/Legends scheduled for June 27th.
(Will decide May 15)
3. 1970 50th scheduled for July 18th.
(Will decide June 1)
4. 1990, 2000, 2010 TBD
Class of 2000
The Show Must Go On!
Under the direction of Adriana Encelan '03 , The Serra Player will be performing  the online play, "Pets in Quarantine"

Cavalier Code
Cavaliers have faith and integrity.
Cavaliers are humble and accountable.
Cavaliers are scholars who lead and serve.
Cavaliers are soldiers for Christ.
We are Cavaliers.
All Hail!
Joe Cormier '81
Director of Development