Help Slow Bt 
Resistance in Corn  

I know that many of you are just trying to get through
2020, but I wanted to make you aware of some 
information from North Carolina State University. 

Worm resistance in corn is not a new concept. 
Over the last several years, we've depended on
different Bt events to provide good worm control. 
We've depended on these Bt events so much, that
we've created resistance to several of the available
Bt events. Check out the article below to learn what
you can do to slow resistance.  We need to maintain
all the tools we can to slow resistance(s), and it's our
responsibility to maintain the tools we are given.

Slow Bt Resistance

Also, NRCS has a very relevant Conservation
Stewardship Program that growers can take
advantage of for planting non-Bt corn refuge.

See the attached tech sheet

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