The City of Evanston has launched a priority-based budgeting process for 2019, and they have asked for the community's input via a survey to rank City programs by importance. On the list for consideration is funding for the Mental Health Board, a program that p r ovides grants to community organizations like Connections that offer vital mental health services to historically underrepresented Evanston residents.

The Mental Health Board currently helps to fund Connections' outreach and drop-in services. With this support we, connect with people living on the street and offer a safe place to meet their most basic needs, talk with a case manager, and access clinical ca re from our Nurse Practitioner and Mental Health Specialist.

I know you value and understand the importance of the services we are providing to our community's most vulnerable members. As a supporter of Connections, I encourage you to take the survey , and share this email with your friends and neighbors, to encourage them to take the survey as well.  Let the City know you think access to mental health services is a priority, and that the financial support that the Mental Health Board gives to Connections, and more than 20 other social service agencies, is crucial. 

The survey can be found here. Paper copies can also be picked up at the Evanston Public Library, and the City has also invited community members to an open house event on May 24th from 3-8pm at the Civic Center, Room G300, to learn more about the process and talk to staff members.

If you have questions about the survey, the implications, or Connections generally, please feel free to reach out to me directly. Thank you for your participation - your feedback makes a difference.

Betty Bogg
Executive Director

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