In Just 2 Hours You Can Help Feed 
Thousands of Hungry People

On Saturday, October 24, TBC will be participating as a congregation in the 5th annual Stop Hunger Now packaging event in Wilton. Last year we packaged over 160,000 meals that were sent to Haiti. TBC was well represented by about 90 volunteers.

Our goal is to again package over 160,000 meals this year and raise $3500 as a Congregation that will fund 12,000 meals which will be sent to hungry children in developing countries. Don't forget that children 5 and older can help (our 5-year-olds last year had a fantastic time and really contributed!). This year each meal costs $0.29 (an increase of 4 cents/meal) so $1.45 buys 5 meals, $15 buys 52 meals and $100 buys 345 meals -- still a really good deal.

Now is the time to sign up to volunteer
by clicking here !
If you would like to make a contribution in support of the event, please use this online form.  If you prefer to send a check in support of the event to TBC, please note that it is for Stop Hunger Now/Tzedakah Fund

This form will enable you to make a donation and/or register to work one of the 2 hour shifts on October 24th. We hope that you will continue TBC's support for this event. All who have participated in the past have found it to be both fun and a meaningful way of participating in Tikkun Olam.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Don Weber at
Giving back is so much a part of Jewish values -
show your kids - show our congregation!