Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.
July 2019 Dream Journal
News from the Ground
Jenni had her periodical whirlwind 8-day check-ins of all the CCDO initiatives on the ground.

From visiting our new preschools to our new piglets, meeting with our dream team and United Nations of volunteers, our staff outing for our team building experience, to meeting with Sokun Set , our Cambodian CEO and other important officials to ensure the success of our projects.
Personally seeing the improvement in the Teacher Trainings that were instigated a year ago and are now producing excellent teachers with a command of new English Teaching Techniques , proved to Jenni that we are making a big difference in a new community.  "Seeing the involvement of volunteer interns, who are comfortable riding on the back of a motor bike to the villages and giving 6 months of their time to ensure the success of a program, is really my special reward for the past 12 years spearheading the organization." 

The highlight of the June visit is always selecting the new scholarship students who will benefit from 3 years of High School and then go on to University. We need your support to help these 7 bright young stars.

Please click the link below and become a Dream Giver to a child for a brighter future.
Then join us on our annual January “Travel With Purpose” trip to meet your scholarship student.
Travel With Purpose to Cambodia
If you have had Cambodia on your bucket list, don’t delay and sign up to discover this Asian country in a very special way that few tourists ever will. It is inspiring, it is special, it is hands on, and it is affordable.

Come and see your donations at work, travel to Siem Reap for 9 days on the ground to see how our Dream Team helps improve the lives of many. Visit the schools, and villages, play with and read to the students, participate in a community workshop, get involved and experience life the shadow of Angkor Wat

Our annual tour lead by Ksenija Olmer (VP) and Jenni Lipa (President), will be a small international group of donors and volunteers. See the link for all the details.

Rotary Club Continues to Change Lives
The rainy season is not ideal to start building new homes and constructing roofs. However, a leaky roof can be a miserable experience during the monsoon. Rotary Club of Sentosa, Singapore has generously donated $2,000 to provide 50 tarpaulins to cover the roofs, until such time as the new roofs can be installed.

Preschools painted
Our Dream Team keeps on amazing everyone and gave up their weekend to help paint our new preschools.

US Embassy sends Teacher Trainer
Richard Silberg from Berkeley, California , an education specialist was sent by the US Embassy in Phnom Penh to spend 3 days coaching and evaluating our English Teachers. He was very impressed with our program. The teachers learned a lot from his training with new techniques.
Dontation Thanks
Peng Lim & Carrie Burt  with friends and family, comprised a group of 20 people who spent a day with our students.

Peng is originally Cambodian, living in California, and he raised awareness and funds from work colleagues at VMware, who has a matching funds program and the donation of $2,600 will be turned into $5,200.

Flexport of California, has an Employee Referral Bonus where instead of rewarding the employee who referred a new hire, he or she can choose a charity of their choice to donate their referral fee. Thank you Flexport for $1,000 goes a long way in Cambodia.
Volunteer Interns
We welcomed Maxime Farina from France to help with our Community Workshops and Health Program .
In the summer we also welcome some short-term volunteers. 
Hailee Day from Iowa, USA , opted to come and teach the kids instead of going to a yoga retreat.
Katherine Wang and her mom Ming Yang from Beijing and New York , had their 5 th visit to spend a summer vacation helping the CCDO students.

We bid a fond adieu to James King (New York) who has been instrumental in our Safe House Project and is currently developing his agroforestry project . He will be back next June to begin planting many trees and gardens and helping the Cambodians become self sustainable.
Remember : Ordinary people can do extraordinary things to change lives - one child at a time .