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East End House has been serving the needs of children, youth, individuals, and families in Cambridge and surrounding communities for more than 140 years. While much has changed since the agency first opened its doors, the inspiration we feel when witnessing the transformational impact East End House has on children and families in need has not. Here is just one of their stories:

When we first met eight-year-old Sam, an adopted child from a foreign country, he was recovering from the abuse, neglect and frequent transitions of growing up in an orphanage. Sam had a steep learning curve as he adjusted to American schools, a new loving family and community, and a new language. While he quickly adapted to the culture―picking up colloquial expressions, popular dance moves, and team sports―he faced significant challenges in recovering from his past traumas. He struggled academically and socially, and acted out aggressively when he felt misunderstood, during competitive sports, or when schedule changes disrupted his routine.

Then Sam started attending the East End House School Age Program. The Program Director addressed Sam's individual daily needs, while staying in close contact with Sam's parents, therapist, and teacher, adapting strategies to support Sam's social-emotional growth and academic success, share ideas and communicate his progress. While Sam still faces challenges as he recovers from years of trauma and neglect, he has made great strides since enrolling in our School Age Program. He has a great sense of humor, he enthusiastically participates in sports and other hands-on activities, and he has demonstrated a strong commitment to improving his communication skills and his social-emotional development.

This is just one example of how East End House works collaboratively to provide each child with the support needed to reach his or her full potential. Compassionate donors like you make it possible for East End House to deliver services that strengthen thousands of individuals, children, youth, and families in need each year. Please support this life-changing work and the children and families who rely on East End House by making your gift today. Thank you in advance for your generous support. Best wishes for a happy holiday season and a joyous new year.

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