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What would you do if you found yourself without access to your personal funds and credit cards, leaving you with no means to exit an unhealthy and abusive situation? Where would you go to keep yourself and your children safe? At Compass Center for Women and Families we hear concerns like these from people who seek our help every day, people who are still in or have recently attempted to leave an abusive relationship.

You may be surprised to learn that 99% of people who experience intimate partner violence are also victims of financial abuse. Financial abuse is a common tactic used by abusers to control their victim. It involves a range of behaviors that include controlling someone's access to money, destroying their credit, and interfering with their employment - essentially creating dependency on the abuser and trapping the victim in a harmful, potentially fatal relationship.

Financial empowerment is a powerful tool that works to help victims on the path towards stability, and is one of the most important ways to help survivors obtain long-term security and safety for themselves and their children. That's why at Compass Center we offer comprehensive self-sufficiency services.

Jamie was referred to Compass Center by the Chapel Hill Police Department, who had taken out domestic violence charges against her husband. Compass Center worked with Jamie to create a safety plan and help her complete a Domestic Violence Protective Order. An Orange County judge granted Jamie a temporary protective order.

Jamie shared with Compass Center her concern over the possibility of eviction. She told us that her husband had been her main source of income, but was withholding financial support. Since a good first step towards becoming financially sound is employment, advocates connected Jamie to Compass Center's self-sufficiency programs for support in finding a job. Jamie also shared her eviction concern with her attorney, who requested financial support-which the judge awarded, along with a one year protective order.

After working with Compass Center, Jamie said she felt hopeful because she had a job interview lined up. But she could not afford child care, so Compass Center offered to pay the cost of a drop-in daycare center so she could attend her interview. One week later, Compass Center received a call from Jamie-SHE GOT THE JOB!

Our financial education services inform clients about budgeting and saving, debt reduction and credit repair, banking basics and how to avoid financial traps. Career counseling services provide tools necessary to help clients meet their career goals, with coaching and assistance in areas like résumé and cover letter writing, conducting a job search, creating professional online profiles and communications, overcoming career fears and obstacles, and interviewing skills. Your financial contribution to Compass Center today can help change the course of someone's life for the better.

Survivors of domestic violence need targeted financial tools and career resources to help them recover from abuse. 

Please contribute to Compass Center today, by making an online donation now! Your contribution can help empower our clients to turn a seemingly hopeless situation today into one of hope and security for their future.
Cordelia Heaney
Executive Director

Compass Center would like to say THANK YOU to the dedicated members of the Henderson Street House Foundation. For years, the Henderson Street House Foundation has provided a warm, welcoming space for our clients and maintained the beauty of our Compass Center home. We appreciate everything that you do. 

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