Because Shabazz is a
special place . . .
. . . remember us in your end-of-year giving.
Dear friends, alumni, staff and former staff, parents, and past supporters,
Here at Shabazz, we understand a large traditional high school experience is not for everyone. We offer small class sizes and an engaging and authentic learning experience. With our experiential curriculum our students have hands-on activities, both outside of the classroom and within the school utilizing outside experts in various professional fields.

This type of learning puts a lot of pressure on our annual budget but we feel it is worth it for our students.

It is challenging to provide all of the innovative and unique experiences without the support of our friends. We are asking you to support Shabazz with a tax-deductible donation or monthly pledge for the year. Any amount is warmly appreciated.

There are two ways to support Shabazz.

  • Send a check payable to Malcolm Shabazz City High School and mail it to: 1601 N. Sherman Avenue, Madison WI 53704

Do you have a particular program you would like to support? Read about our Oliver Lang Fund , Project Green Teen , and our Road to Indian Country trip. Be sure to make a note of your preferred program on your check.

Below you will find links to our Family Newsletters from this year along with comments from our friends and supporters. We hope you enjoy reading about Shabazz.

From all of us at Shabazz, we thank you for your continued support and we wish you a happy and healthy new year.
Shabazz: Safe, Authentic, Engaging
We hate to brag, but . . .
In the past few years, Shabazz graduates have gone on to attend highly competitive schools such as Northwestern University, Sarah Lawrence College, Hampshire College, Luther College, Lawrence University, and the College of the Atlantic. In the past five years, we have had two students who were National Merit Finalists.
It's nice to be appreciated.
"Everyone here was prepared and ready to learn. I also noticed that they wanted to learn. None of them were stressed or complaining about the work. They all seemed to know what they were doing, knew their goals and wanted to achieve them."

Comment from a student from another school on his "shadow" day
“We wanted to write to thank you and your staff for the time and effort you put into transitioning, educating, and mentoring our son. His move to Shabazz has transformed him and our home life. We are so thankful for all you have done for him and we look forward to two more years at Shabazz. We will always be an advocate for Shabazz because of the transformative experience our son has had in just one semester."

From a current Shabazz parent
Take care of yourself, take care of each other, take care of the community.
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