July E-Newsletter: Stay Up To Date with Midas
Celebrating Our Success
 Assets & Opportunity Reception
Wednesday, October 4th
6-8pm, Boston, MA 

All across Massachusetts, families are s tressed about their finances. Rising costs, wealth inequality, lack of financial educati on, and much more are making it harder  to feel financially secure. Many of those families entrust Midas and our member organizations with creating a pathway to a better tomorrow. Through our tested and proven strategies, we are advancing financial security and helping families thrive. 

Join us at our annual Assets & Opportunity Reception on October 4th to celebrate these successes, honor champions within our field, and expand our reach. 
As a collaborative, our impact on promoting more prosperous communities across the state  would not be possible without YOU! We look forward to sharing this special evening together. 
Advocating for Financial Security

Creating a pathway to a better tomorrow requires advocacy to address the systemic issues that lead to financial insecurity. Below are updates on how we are building awareness and support amongst stakeholders for a stronger Massachusetts.

Empowering Consumer Voices
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau finalized a rule that prohibits banks and lenders that break the law from stripping customers of the right to join together and hold them accountable in class action lawsuits. The ruling restores the right of consumers to join together in court by prohibiting class action bans and brings transparency to individual arbitration.
Closing the Racial Wealth Gap in Boston:
  • The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston's The Color of Wealth report highlighted the strikingly high racial wealth disparities in Boston. The racial wealth gap is something many of Midas' clients have been impacted by. We were honored to be a part of the Boston Fed convening that followed developed specific action steps. These action steps provide a framework for stakeholders to communicate, support, and collaborate to reduce racial wealth inequalities.
Expanding Access to Quality Financial Education:
  • MassSaves coalition members testified on June 13, 2017 in support of financial literacy in public schools. MassSaves members will be building on the broad support for financial education at a "Day on the Hill" in October. Stay tuned!
Expanding Our Reach

Expanding our reach is possible due to the support o f or ganizations committ ed t o e mpowering low and moderate income families. A recent grant fro m Eastern Bank  allows M idas to increase our support for immigrant families in Massachusetts. Through financial coaching, financial resources, and matched savings incentives, we provide families with 
the tools and resources to thrive.
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