Providing a Home and Education
to Create Possibilities 
for Ugandan Children
Jajja's Kids, Inc. is a nonprofit organization supporting a children's home in Kampala, Uganda.  We currently have 19 children living together who receive 
food, schooling, medical care and a great deal of love.  

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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Jajja's Kids Annual Fundraiser

2 to 6 pm
Revolution Hall
Troy, NY

Meet Ugandan Director Ronnie Sseruyange

Hear Stories of Jajja's Kids and Their Dreams for the Future

Enjoy Good Food, Good Friends, Good Fun

Help Jajja's Kids Continue to Grow and Fly to the Future!


Other September Opportunities

Ronnie Ssseruyange, Ugandan Director of Jajja's Kids - Africa, will spend three weeks in the US this September and wants to share the story of Jajja's Kids as widely as possible.  We are now scheduling Ronnie's visits to schools, community groups, churches and individual homes.  

Ronnie is a compelling speaker, whether sharing stories of his childhood growing up on the streets of Uganda, or sharing his passion and commitment to help others.  If you would like Ronnie to visit your organization while he is in the US, please send a message to  He would be delighted to meet with you and your group!


Ryan - Then and Now

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Ryan's arrival at Jajja's Kids Home - January 2013

Starting 1st Grade

Ryan Today - Eleven Years Old

When he was very young, Ryan Kigundu's parents separated and his mother remarried, hoping to bring security to her son and herself.  Instead, her new husband demanded that Ryan not live with them but go to his father.  The father refused him, and to save her marriage the mother decided to give up her then four-year-old son, either to another home or to life on the street.  Fortunately, our new children's home was just starting, and in  January 2013 Ryan was registered with Jajja's Kids.  

When Ryan first arrived at Jajja's Kids home, the program did not have enough funds for the youngest to attend school.  That changed the following year when Ryan entered kindergarten, and he has attended school ever since.  A very gifted student, Ryan is now in Primary 4 (equivalent to 4th grade in the US).  

As one of Jajja's Kids, Ryan has a sense of belonging and being loved, and has hope for a worthwhile future.   It is hard to imagine that this very smart, sweet and capable child might have instead lived on the streets, struggling each day to survive.  


Donating Used Electronics

As our kids grow, electronics become increasingly important to their education and their lives.  T hey enjoy taking photos and playing games with iPads, tablets, cameras and phones that our volunteers let them use during our annual visit. But once the visitors leave, so do the "cool gadgets" the children had temporarily enjoyed. 

The children also are learning computer skills with the handful of laptops that have been donated in the past.  But the supply is limited, so very few kids can use computers and get lessons at the same time. 

Many of us have electronic equipment that no longer serves a purpose.  If you have smart phones, tablets, electronic games, laptops or digital cameras in decent working condition that you would like to contribute, please let us know between now and the date of our fundraiser, September 23.   Ronnie will take the electronic devices back to our kids when he returns to Uganda at the end of September.  To reach us, send a message to or call (518) 588-0651.

Juma taking photos --one of his favorite things to do!

Computer class in the house library


Matching Funds

If your current or former employer offers matching funds, please consider that your donation to Jajja's Kids can double!  As a 501(c)(3) organization, your donation is tax deductible and qualifies for matching grants from your employer.  We recently received another donation from GE Foundation, matching a gift to Jajja's Kids from a retired GE employee.   Click here for more info:   GE Match.

Do you shop on Amazon?  Consider their Smile.Amazon donation program.  At no cost to you or us, a percent of every purchase made through Amazon's Smile program goes to Jajja's Kids.  Check it out at  Smile.Amazon.

Donating to Jajja's Kids through a matching program 
is a great way to see your money grow!

Jajja's Kids could not be where it is today without the dedication and commitment of our many donors, sponsors and volunteers. 

Our words are small, but heart-felt:

  Jajja's Kids, Inc.
is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

Diane Reiner--Director, Jajja's Kids U.S.
Ronnie Sseruyange--Director, Jajja's Kids - Africa

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