"ISBLI is a group that trains young leaders to step outside their boxes into a world where they are determined to deliver extraordinary results. It's the leadership training you were searching for ." - Jaasmeen Hamed, ISBLI Class of 2019

During these last ten days of Ramadan, we urge you to invest in our organization. The ISB creates resources such as our informational Ramadan guide and video here . We also created the ISB Leadership Institute, a unique initiative to increase civic engagement and develop Muslim Leadership.
For our Muslim readers, the majority of scholars agree that your donations to the ISB are zakat eligible.  Your donations are crucial for the ISB to continue its leading work in Atlanta.  To send your donations via mail:

Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta  
P.O. Box 723426, Atlanta, GA 31139

Thank you for your generous support and for making our work possible.  In an effort to support programs like the ISBLI please join us in supporting our Ramadan Fundraising Campaign.  We are looking for 300 people to support our efforts by giving $20/month. Please click here to support us online. Should you have any questions, please email  [email protected]
May everyone be rewarded for their support and many blessings of the month of mercy be upon you and your loved ones!