March 9, 2019


I am thrilled to announce that Jungle Friends will once again be part of North Central Florida's day of giving -- The Amazing Give 2019! Starting at 6 pm March 20 - 6 pm March 21 visit The Amazing Give website and make a donation to Jungle Friends! 

To make this year as successful as 2018, we need YOUR help!  While The Amazing Give Day itself is March 20 - March 21, we are actually open for donations on March 11 to count towards our matching gifts, so consider a donation beginning Monday!
Our goal for  The Amazing Give 2019 :
Mission Possible: Monkey Retirement
Mission Possible:
Monkey Retirement. 

We hope to raise enough money to make  Jungle Friends the forever home to six laboratory monkeys on our waiting list. Sloth and Don King are eager for other monkeys in research to join them and live an "Almost Wild" life!

Thank you for your continued dedication to our over 300 monkeys, and belief in our vision to ensure that laboratory monkeys retire to a life of peace.
Imagine spending years inside in a small cage with only artificial light. This is the reality that many of our monkeys endured. This is the story of Sloth and Don King. 

Sloth and Don King were once surrounded by family and friends in their native home in Argentina, but were stolen from their natural home. They were both sold into laboratory research and used in iron toxicity studies, where they spent so many years all alone, in a small cage. Monkeys are social by nature, so this isolation is very traumatic.

After years of living in a laboratory, imagine arriving at a sa nct uary  with ROOM TO ACT LIKE A MONKEY for the first time in their lives.  Now, Don King and Sloth can feel the grass under their feet and the wind in their hair. 

The reaction of Sloth and Don King was one of the most memorable "releases" we have ever witnessed! They were in neighboring habitats and within hours they began to show interest in each other. After LESS THAN TWO WEEKS, they were introduced. Sloth and Don King now climb, jump, run, hoot and holler, and play with each other!

This Happily Ever After was only possible because of generous people like YOU! Will you help us continue this important work by supporting us during The Amazing Give?

Director of Development
Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary

P.S. Join us at our Amazing Give Kickoff Party at Curia on the Drag in Gainesville on March 21 from 6-8 pm. Curia will generously donate  15% of all sales proceeds during this time to our monkeys! 
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