Dear Rescue Partner......

Hayley is still looking for a new home.
If Wishes and Words Would Win a senior dog a new home I would be ecstatic!!

We need your HELP!!! Please please please share with anyone and everyone and let's try to give Hayley a second chance!!!

Hayley joined her family about 13 years ago as a rescue dog and is guessed to be around 15 years old. She shares her home with 3 cats and 3 adults.
There is a serious, ongoing and critical health situation with a family member and Hayley is not able to get the care she needs and deserves. Her family does not want her to suffer!!!

Hayley is a bit shy and prefers women to men...she loves to nap, and go for walks, she is good with other dogs. As Hayley has gotten older like many of us she needs more chances to go pottie and her family is unable to accommodate her need to go out more often hence accidents in the house.

Hayley will need a calm home with easy going dogs and/or cats with a loving Lady of the house....likely no carpet AND not to be left alone for long periods as she will have separation anxiety and pottie accidents.

Hayley lives in Gaithersburg, MD and has had ongoing Vet care with Dr. Carrier - 301-977-5586.

You can contact Hayley's family - ask for Jodi at 301-351-6694 or jodi@ackackadak.com
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