Dear ICHS Families, Friends, and Supporters:

Please read and click through to our Voter Voice system to put your message in front of Congress!  Voter Voice - NJ Catholic Conference

THE ISSUE:  Congress is debating the next round of Stimulus Funding. Families who attend Catholic Schools are struggling to pay tuition and schools are scrambling to meet additional expenses of COVID-19. Catholic school communities have been severely impacted by COVID-19.  Private schools, including Catholic Schools serve 10% of all K-12 students in the United States.

THE ASK: 1.  That private school students receive Equity in COVID-19 relief services offered to public schools;  2.  Tuition assistance for struggling families; and  3.  Tax deductions or credits for families' education expenses to help in the struggle to pay for school tuition now.

THE ACTION:  Please click through to this link:  Voter Voice - NJ Catholic Conference  to follow the prompts on NJ Catholic Conference's Voter Voice. In just a few clicks, you can ask Congress to help our Catholic School Families stay in their Catholic schools.

THE RATIONALE:  Catholic schools save taxpayers millions of dollars. COVID-19 has gravely impacted finances of families and schools alike. Keeping 10% of all K-12 students in private schools helps families choose the education that works best for their children while saving significant money and strain of overcrowding for public schools.


Thank you for answering the call to support our students
by advocating for them!