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Dear Friend of Claremont Heritage,

Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement in this challenging year!

As a result of the pandemic and limitations on gatherings, Claremont Heritage successfully transitioned many of its programs to virtual platforms, maintaining the quality of the resources that our members expect, but we are still in need of vital funding to help offset lost revenues due to COVID-19.

Please consider a year-end gift that will keep our programs intact, albeit virtually, and do your part to preserve our heritage. Please click below and partner with Claremont Heritage today!
Like many other organizations, Claremont Heritage had to pivot it's public programming due to the pandemic and move to an on-line virtual format. We did this successfully with the Annual Awards Gala in May and Annual Home Tour in October. Both programs were well received, and we are proud of what we were able to accomplish. Now is the perfect time to revisit both of these programs virtually - please access them below and enjoy! The Gala program is free, the content-filled Home Tour is $30 to stream for 48 hours. Enjoy!!!
Our third and final virtual program for 2020 is
The Gift of Traditions ~ A Claremont Heritage Carol ~
Don't Miss This Remembrance of Times Past! Inspired by Dickens A Christmas Carol, The Gift of Traditions, A Claremont Heritage Carol, also looks at the Present and Future of our Traditions. 2020 has been a year to remember! (or maybe forget?) Annual events had to be cancelled, celebrations had to be re-imagined and gatherings with friends and families happened online. Claremont has so many wonderful traditions that the community has missed this year, so Claremont Heritage has put together a virtual program to showcase our traditions, history and cultural heritage. We explore current events that were missed this year as well as events from years past that may have been forgotten.

FREE and Family Friendly!
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