Let's Keep #Somerville Diverse & Affordable for Everyone!

As CEO, Deputy Director, and President of SCC, we have the privilege of seeing the impact of SCC's work every day-work your contributions help to bring about. Frankly, it is easy to go the extra mile to do our work to make Somerville an inclusive and affordable community when we know we have the support of hundreds of donors and members like you. When you hear someone say "I came to this financial education class because you promised me $200, but I got so much more out of the class than just the $200," you know you're working at the right place. When you see 29 families get to move into brand new housing, it's exciting. But, when you also know that those were 29 families out of 1,000 that applied, you appreciate that we've got more work to do. 


So here's our proposal to you: We'll keep building housing, organizing for policy changes, and providing the classes and counseling for folks to "make it" financially in Somerville; you support that work with a contribution to our Annual Appeal to help us keep going. 




We operate on the idea that if we all do what we can, together we'll get there as a community. As many of our fellow Somerville residents need to stretch their dollars to make ends meet, please stretch your dollars to make the strongest contribution you are able to make. You can make your contribution online or mail a check to us at 337 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA, 02143. Also, feel free to call one of us personally (617) 776-5931 to discuss the contribution you'd like to make, and what piece of SCC's work you most want to support. 


~With deepest gratitude, we wish you a peaceful & happy holiday season!~


Danny LeBlanc, CEO, Meridith Levy, Deputy Director, and Ezra Glenn, Board President.


PS- Save the date for our Annual Meeting on January 29th, 2014 at The Armory in Somerville!


Somerville Community Corporation
337 Somerville Avenue
Somerville, Massachusetts 02143