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Have you dreamed of making history?

Of course, we all have. And now we have a chance to be a part of North Central Florida's Amazing Give - an opportunity to unite our community around causes in which we truly believe, and help nonprofit organizations connect to the larger community.
To pull this off, we need your help! Please join our campaign and help us reach our goal of $15,000! We need you to tell your friends and family members about the important work we do and ask them to join in by helping to make a difference .

We've decided to focus our funds raised for the Amazing Give for our SPECIAL NEEDS monkeys. Last year our monkey medical expenses towered at $35,288, ranging from medications for our diabetic monkeys to emergency vet visits to care for injuries . Our goal this year at Jungle Friends is to raise at least $15,000 through the Amazing Give, covering nearly half of our Monkey Medical Fund!

While Giving Day itself is March 21 6PM – March 22 6PM , we’re actually open for donations now in case you want to get a head start or spread the word!
Tessa's Story - Medical Fund at Work
Check out Tessa's amazing story - how she was cured at Jungle Friends after near death caused by undiagnosed diabetes:

Tessa was near death when her guardian contacted Jungle Friends. Her glucose had skyrocketed to 1120; she had lost nearly half of her body weight and was difficult to wake. It was a race to get her glucose under control in time to save her life.
Kari coached Tessa's guardian through the intensive process of establishing an insulin regimen and monitoring her progress. With insulin and a HEALTHY diet, Tessa gained weight and was eventually brought to the sanctuary when she was strong enough.

Fortunately for Tessa, Jungle Friends has a dedicated and compassionate carestaff who watched over her night and day until she was weaned OFF insulin, weaned off humans and playing with the other monkeys ! Her sunken eyes now shine bright. Tessa is having the time of her life at Jungle Friends romping and wrestling with other monkeys that call Jungle Friends home.
Thank you for your continued support!
Donations of $157.25 provide insulin for one of our diabetic monkeys who’s still on insulin for a month. Donations of $1,693.41 will cover the comprehensive care for one monkey for a whole year! Spread the word about our campaign on behalf of Tessa to support her and help heal our other diabetic monkeys!
Saving Monkeys ~ Promoting Compassion