Help Us Recruit New Members!
Dear Shir Chadash Members,
We, at Shir Chadash, are looking forward to a more normal synagogue experience now that the pandemic appears to be under control. With this in mind, the Membership committee has been discussing how to promote Shir Chadash and grow its numbers. We want to make sure there is not one prospective member that is overlooked. To do this, we need your help! We would appreciate your providing us with names of any adult children, relatives, friends, and acquaintances whom you think might be interested in becoming a member of our synagogue. Please send their names and contact information to the synagogue office either by emailing at, or phoning the office at 504-899-1144.  Someone from the Membership Committee will follow up in the next few weeks so hopefully we can include them in the wonderful family and community interactions that we have all enjoyed as members of Shir Chadash.

Edward I. Bluth MD
Membership Vice- President