This year in rescue started like no other in our history. 

In January, we were contacted about 21 GSPs seized with 10 others dogs from a backyard "breeder" in Pennsylvania who was selling puppies for $850. 

The dogs were found in conditions so deplorable, humane officers said the stench inside the home stung their eyes. The dogs had no food, let alone vetting. Some were kept outside in 5 degree weather, and their water was frozen.

To receive the dogs, volunteers coordinated with the SPCA, veterinarians, and sister rescues in New England and Pennsylvania (who were taking some of the other seized GSPs). Volunteers also took days off from work to transport two of the moms, pregnant at the time, to foster care. Another volunteer transported the third mom and her four day-old puppies from the vet. These three sweet ladies all previously had multiple litters.

Glory after eye surgery, after delivering, and finally in comfort.
Glory (pictured above) was blind in one eye from an untreated injury. She and Montana were both on their fourth litters at just three years old. Ivy was on her seventh litter at just five years old. 

Our volunteers fostered these special dogs and cared for them through whelping, subsequent surgeries, and many follow up visits. All had to be spayed. Plus, Glory needed her injured eye removed, and Montana required mammary tumor removal. 

The foster families also tirelessly cared for the many babies who, thanks to rescue, escaped an early life of horror and untold future. Out of this terrible situation, we saved 22 puppies and their special moms and found them forever homes! (See more pictures below.)

While this type of multiple dog rescue is exceptional, expenses quickly add up, even for just one dog. For example, sweet and spunky 6-year-old Wyatt came into rescue needing full vetting, four teeth and two tumors removed. Even with generous partner vets offering discounted pricing, his care cost over $1,000.  

In 2018, we saved 50 GPSs from ages newborn to 13 years old. They came to us as strays, from shelters, owner surrenders, and breeders. In addition to covering New Jersey and New York, we help sister rescues across the country that have fewer adopters and many more dogs - some in dire situations like the one in Pennsylvania. 

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We wish you and your family, two- and four-legged members, a happy, healthy, and prosperous holiday season!
 - Many thanks from the GSP Rescue of NJ board, volunteers, and dogs

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