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Summer 2019
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Music That Focuses the Brain
Research indicates that music strengthens areas of the brain related to speech and language skills, reading, reading comprehension, math, problem-solving, brain organization, focus, and attention challenges. Specific songs were scientifically tested and found to help both children and adults concentrate and focus better! Aside from the electromagnetic frequency of brain waves that the article talks about, music and rhythm are very helpful to children’s focus and attention.
Get your child's homework playlist ready!
Parents' & Educators' Guide for Detecting Vision Problems - A MUST HAVE!
Observations of your child in school and at home are very important in helping to determine if you child has a vision issue impeding his or her potential.

It is estimated that:
  • 1 in 4 students in grades K-6 have visual problems serious enough to impede learning and lead to academic and/or behavioral problems.
  • 80% of children with a learning disability have an undiagnosed vision problem.
  • children with visual perceptual and eye movement issues do poorly on standardized testing.
Children with learning-related vision issues rarely report symptoms. They assume that everyone sees things the same as they do. Click HERE for a list of signs and symptoms that may indicate your child has a vision problem.