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As discussions are underway to slowly but safely reopen the economy, we remain cautiously optimistic that these eerie times will get better in the near to intermediate future, but we have to deal with the reality that many owners and operators will suffer a shortfall in rental income when May rent becomes due. 

There is a culture of empathy and leeway for renters who have experienced hardship and, to a lesser extent, owners who are struggling to make mortgage payments.

Landlords have been told there is assistance available, but obtaining funds can be as hard as breaking into a bank. Our latest blog speaks to the relief available , although it may need to be sought with the same patience and persistence that is already the order of the day. 

Since courts have been ground to a near halt and landlords cannot accept a penny of rent after a 3-day notice expires, we urge owners to be diplomatic and exhaust all measures to work out a payment plan with cash-strapped tenants. Toward that end, we have assembled a list of organizations that may be able to provide rental subsidies.

Challenging times bring out the best in people and the worst in people, so, unfortunately, there are some militant tenants’ advocates who have taken advantage of the crisis to call for rent strikes. If anyone withholds rent in the spirit of protest, we have a letter prepared here to send in response.

This is a fluid situation, especially with the soul-searching on the local level, so we invite you to follow us on Facebook for the latest updates, and consult bornstein.law/coronavirus for more resources. 

Please be safe, and feel free to call upon us if we can help you manage relationships and any legal issues in these most bizarre of times.

Early on in the public health emergency, many rental property owners felt left to the wayside. With newfound police powers, many municipalities ushered in sweeping tenants’ protections and this patchwork of new regulatory regimes culminated in our Governor issuing a statewide moratorium on evictions for non-payment of rent cases.

While there were five-alarm fire bells going off for renters, would there be any reprieve for owners?
When hardship occurs, tenants may be able to get a helping hand.

We encourage owners and operators to refer residents to organizations that may be able to assist in paying rent and we've put together a handful of them here .

We have a letter prepared for when vocal tenants assert rent should not be paid whatsoever.
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