June 2018
Dear friend,

I write to you today as one of Givat Haviva’s faithful supporters to tell you about an incredible program which your gift is making possible, and to ask for your continued support.

Each year in July, our New York office hosts 20 Arab and Jewish Israeli youth who come to exhibit the photography they created as participants in the Through Others’ Eyes program. It’s an incredible opportunity for these teens to share their experiences, and a chance for Americans to meet the young people who will become tomorrow’s Israeli leaders determining the course of its democracy.

Through Others’ Eyes is one of Givat Haviva’s most enduring and beloved programs because it exemplifies its core work – fostering dialog and understanding among societies who very often live their entire lives with incompatible narratives, go to separate schools, and reside in segregated communities.
“In my world, it’s easy to have your parents and neighbors shape your perception on the world around you. Givat Haviva helped me search for my own opinion and changed the way I think about the conflict.”  – Natalie, 17
For the past fifteen years, Through Others’ Eyes has used photography as an artistic lens through which students explore questions of identity, culture, faith, and coexistence. Over the course of an academic year, students meet in weekly workshops held at Givat Haviva, and discover each other’s personal and cultural worlds. At the end of the year, the students come to the United States to show and interpret their photographs, and to attend a Peace Camp in upstate New York.
After graduating from the program, participants become Ambassadors for Peace , who pledge to share their experiences with friends, family and their larger community. Alumni of Through Others’ Eyes continue to meet with their groups over the years.

Thanks to Givat Haviva and programs like Through Others’ Eyes , we are creating an Israel whose citizens envision a shared society and a shared future.  
“This project gave me the chance…to disappear to another place, to meet people that I would not have met in any other place.”  – Mahmud, 17
Please join with me and thousands of others by making your most generous contribution today!
In return, I promise you an incomparable benefit: knowing that you are making a difference in the quality of life for millions of Israelis of all faiths who want and deserve to build a shared society together!  

Be’Amal Wa’Salam,
B’tikva ve’Shalom,
With hope and peace,
Yaniv Sagee
Givat Haviva
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