June 11, 2020

Helping your employees perform at their best levels, while successfully addressing other aspects of their life, is always a significant focus of all compassionate leaders. It feels like it is never more important than now!

Resiliency Wellness Programs available via Zoom

Statistics tell us that employees crave safety, comfort and information from their peers and leaders. We have created programs for business leaders to provide information and tools to help their employees navigate through these tumultuous times.  

Our three Wellness Programs help business professionals positively navigate through these times of quarantine, social separation, family obligations and lack of balance as well as struggling with personal feelings about racism. The programs can be used alone or in conjunction with one another. 

Our three programs are focused on providing the following outcomes:

  • Increased resiliency / improvements in one's ability to power through difficult times
  • Increased emotional wellness
  • Cathartic outlet 
  • Found joy in work and life
  • Improved engagement, productivity and quality of work
Webinars (Lunch-and-Learn - or anytime!)

 These webinars focus on a variety of relevant topics that will provide the learner with information on thoughtful insight, support and empowerment. Each topic is covered in an hour-long, facilitated session.

Here is a sampling of what we can offer (or contact us if you have another need):

  • Calm in the Chaos: Helping Employees Regain Their Footing and Build Resiliency
  • Why is Self-Care Important?
  • Creating a New Normal: How to Establish a New Daily Routine
  • How to Be Your Best Self in Times of Crisis
  • How to Use the Art of Cognitive Reframing to Cope with Our New Reality
  • How to Protect Your Mental Health
  • Effective Problem-Solving Techniques
  • Building Emotional Awareness to Build Emotional Resiliency
  • Taking Care of Family Wellbeing
  • Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity
  • Why Am I Feeling This Way? Understanding the Stages of Grieving
  • Emotional Intelligence / Interpersonal Skills Training
  • Effective Remote Communication
  • DiSC – How Do You Live In Times When So Much Is Out Of Your Control?
Weekly Virtual Wellness Support Group

 Years of studies show that when people help each other in a group setting, a positive power for change is created. Group Coaching has been known to increase the potential to embed learning, behavioral changes and new perspectives. Group Coaching gives members an opportunity to connect and create enduring bonds based on mutual respect, trust and support. It also helps fill the void of working from home away from friends and colleagues.
Topics of discussion can vary based on the needs of the group, and the mission is to provide a safe, collaborative space where people can share their perspectives and insights with the goal of creating a positive collective experience.
Private Individual and Family Coaching Sessions

Confidential and private coaching sessions are focused on navigating through this crisis by providing tips and strategies for emotional and mental health management. Coaching sessions can be focused on a variety of areas, but are not limited to:

  • Establishing effective daily coping skills
  • Dealing with fears and anxiety
  • Coping with social isolation
  • Stress management techniques
  • Personalized guided meditations (including pool float and bedtime relaxation sessions)

Meet Some of Your Facilitators…

Amy Arvary , M.ht

For over a decade Amy has been sharing the secrets of “doing better” with private clients, teams, and groups throughout the country. As a Board-Certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Amy has mastered the ability to identify blocks in our thinking. She helps clients and audiences reframe their thinking to better align with what they desire to overcome, achieve, and attract into their lives.
As a keynote speaker and world-renowned performance coach she has transformed audiences and private clients with strategies for breaking through obstacles and experiencing the successes they desire. Her unique approach to healing the mind brings her clients an immediate sense of clarity, confidence, and purpose.

In her latest book, Limitless: A Guide to Finding Your Greatest Self , Amy guides readers to those things they desire. She is also the author of The Magic Box: A Hypnotic Bedtime Story , which was designed to raise the confidence and self-esteem in children.
Taryn Abrahams , MFT, SHRM-CP

Taryn is a corporate behavioral specialist and human interaction expert, helping companies implement behavioral best practices to improve workplace interpersonal relations and holistically strengthen corporate culture. Leveraging her experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist, Taryn’s innovative suite of services is designed to enhance employee morale, foster collaborative and productive workplace environments, and nurture employee loyalty and ambassadorship.
Her clinical background and behavioral mind-set provide deep insight that fosters an improvement in interpersonal relations. Taking her work beyond a check-the-box compliance and HR focus, Taryn’s interactive workshops, consulting services, and ongoing support help companies create long-term sustainable change. This translates directly to increased productivity, revenue growth, and a solid marketplace reputation .
For more information or to arrange for any of these sessions, please contact Isabelle Brennan at isabelle@crothershrconsulting.com or 201-602-8816.

Stay safe and lead courageously,


Crothers Consulting, LLC