Ain't Dere No More
This stately home with beautiful grounds and majestic palm trees once graced one of our busiest streets.
It was the home of Edward Jacob "EJ" Frederick, 8th child of Jacob and Clara Frederick (born in Germany in 1805 and 1828).
All three are buried in Covington Cemetery #1 on Columbia Street.
Due to anticipated ICEE roads early this week, there will be no recycling on Thursday, Feb 18th.

We will have normal trash pick-up on Wednesday.

Recycling should resume next week.
Lenten Friday Fish Fries (or is it Frys?)

Senator Bernie Sanders patiently awaits Greater Starlight Baptist Church's Lenten Fish Fry.

Support the Church and get some yummy fried fish by pre-ordering by Wednesdays at 985-966-8055.

Lunches may be picked up between 10:30am - 12:30pm on Fridays at 521 West 28th Avenue.

OR Support the Knight's of Columbus
St. Peter Catholic Church
Fish or Shrimp Dinners
Assisting Our Seniors and/or Vulnerable
We are blessed to live in a community where most of our residents are self-sufficient. Unfortunately, we do have some that struggle. We at City Hall see this each month when certain folks have to piece together their monthly utility bill payment. For seniors or disabled folks earning $24,000 per year or less, we offer a 50% discount on water and sewer (raised from $20,000 early in this administration). Still, it can be a challenge.

Several months ago Karen and I chose four homeowners (3 we knew, 1 we did / do not). I secured their account numbers from the City Utility Billing Department. Now, each month, without the homeowner knowing who we are, we send a $25.00 check to the City to be applied to each of their accounts.

If you know a resident you believe could benefit from assistance with their utility bill and you are so inclined to help, please contact our Utility Billing Department with their name and address. The clerks can provide you with an account number. If you would like to help with one of our seniors you do not know, just ask for an account number. In this latter case, for privacy, we will not share the name or address of the person you are helping.

Good Stuff.
Zumba with the Mayor
Sunday, February 21, noon at Bogue Falaya Hall.

It's free. And if you bring a friend, they're free, too.

The Fredericks eventually sold the home
to Winn-Dixie
Today We Know It As
Most cities have a grocery store with a wine department.
We have a wine store with a grocery department ; )
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Recycling reminder … no glass, no plastic bags : )

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