Dear Elite Members,

As we are sure you are aware, we have an amazing staff of about 375 great folks who work very hard to make your experience at the club fantastic. Our biggest concern in this trying time is making sure they are taken care of. Many of our members have expressed similar sentiments – in fact many have asked if we can keep billing them and pay our team members. Their generosity of spirit is warming! As we closed our doors this week and rolled out to the team what we can do immediately and plans for what happens if this lasts longer, we were gratified that our team said that they understood and were appreciative of what we could do and of our professionalism in handling it. That’s the one good thing that came out of what was otherwise the worst day in my professional life. 

Based on member suggestions, we have come up with a variety of ways to raise additional funds for the team member hardship fund – if you have other suggestions, please let us know!

Please help our awesome team:

  • Donate to the hardship fund – Maybe you still want to pay your dues or make a larger dollar donation – whatever you feel comfortable with, please do so! To be incredibly candid, we haven’t worked out all the details of how this will work, but it will go 100% to our team members in need.
  • Contribute items to our silent auction – We are in the process of creating an online silent auction of goods, services, and tickets which we will then share with our members. We are looking for donations of tickets, gift cards, special experiences, vacation homes, services, etc. Also, if you are a retailer or restaurant, we will gladly split 50-50 with your employees and our employees any proceeds that are gathered from your donation. For those businesses impacted by COVID-19, feel free to put a short time window on your donation so that it has to be used within a month or two of reopening so it helps you get back on your feet, and obviously it can also state that if you don’t reopen it has no value. To participate, please use the form linked above to submit your donation item. And if you don’t have anything you can contribute, please stay tuned so you can bid on the great stuff that we will have!
  • Equipment rental – We know that many of you are searching for exercise outlets. In addition to providing a variety of exercise classes on our YouTube channel, we are now offering equipment rentals, with all proceeds going to our employee fund. Choose from a variety of dumbbells, balls, yoga equipment. Equipment can be picked up at Brookfield between 9-10AM tomorrow (March 21) or at River Glen between 12-1pm tomorrow (March 21). Given the expected shelter-in-place guidelines, we have to keep the time frames short. As government regulations allow, we will make other times available. Use the link above to reserve your equipment & pay your rental fee. 

If you have other suggestions of how we can raise money to take care of the team, or help the community during this difficult time, please let us know!
Thanks for your support!


PS. Please do not email back with any requests unrelated to helping out our team members. While we are thrilled to help you out in normal circumstances, we have no staff working at this point so we are not able to field any requests for cancellations, holds, or refunds. Those still working are trying to get pay checks out and shutting down the buildings, as well as developing solutions for our team. The rest of us are volunteering to try to take care of our teammates.