She kept her mask on, just barely rolling down her car window to give her name.

She had called ahead and talked to Ronny, our client services coordinator about her situation. We were expecting her.

She is COVID-19 positive.

She is an hourly wage employee working in hospitality. She got COVID-19 at work.

She is a single mother.

She unknowingly exposed her three children, ages 7,11, and 15. They are all positive.

They are in quarantine at home together. And of course, she can't work.

Which means she can't pay her rent, utility bills or buy food. And she has to have food now. It's the most immediate and basic need.

She's sick, she's exhausted, and she's caring for three sick children.

So we help her.

Our staff takes all the precautions they can, and they talk to her through her open car window.

We load her groceries into her trunk for her so she doesn't have to get out of the car. That protects us from exposure, but also makes things easier on her. She's just so tired.

She drives away with food and a list of additional community resources where she can get help with rent, utility bills and health care.

She drives away knowing that there's a place she can reach out to for more help whenever she needs it.

She drives away with nutritious, fresh food that will aid her family in their recovery.

Your support for Loudoun Hunger Relief provides the food, staffing and PPE we use every day to keep Loudoun families fed.

She drives away grateful, knowing that she isn't alone after all.

We all seek the day when when nobody is hungry, no child goes to bed with an empty stomach, no family wonders where their next meal is coming from. Until that day, you and LHR will be there for them. Thank you!