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Give Like It Is Tuesday
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As the year is coming to a close and the holiday season is upon us, our hearts are warmed by the thoughts of our amazing community of family and friends who make our "MTM-CNM Family" so special. We are thankful for you in so many ways. In particular, as today is "Giving Tuesday", we want to thank all of those who support our mission financially. Giving Tuesday is a wonderful tradition formed in response to the commercialism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and shifts the focus from "buying more stuff" to supporting important causes that make the world a better place. The MTM-CNM Family Conference literally would not exist without the support of families and sponsors, and we have heard from families and medical professionals following each Conference of the life-enhancing and life-changing experiences that happen in our community because of the connections that are created and sustained through the Family Conference.
As our community grows, and as research progresses down exciting yet uncertain paths, our mission is more important than ever, while the costs of putting on the Conference are increasing with this growth. With anticipated record numbers for the 2017 Conference in Nashville, the venue expenses in particular will be rising. Please note that the money we raise goes 100% to our mission - only about 1% is for necessary overhead such as our website and email expenses, and the rest goes to the direct costs of the Conference weekend. As always, our small team is all-volunteer and we never use funds raised for our own expenses, even when we are engaged in Conference-related work or travel. And so, with deep gratitude we humbly ask for you to dig a little deeper on this Giving Tuesday and help support MTM-CNM Family Connection.
We are excited to offer a new way to support our efforts, that we hope many will utilize. We understand that it is not always easy to make a large donation - sometimes the money just isn't there and bills have to be paid. And so we have created a budget-friendly tool: automatic recurring donations. If you had the opportunity, would you be willing to buy someone in your MTM/CNM family a drink from Starbucks once a week? Or perhaps get together for a pizza or dinner out once a month? If only we were all closer together! So do the next best thing - invest that money in community connections made through the Conference! When you set up a recurring donation, you choose the amount and the frequency and your contributions will be made automatically - it is super easy! Perhaps you can commit to $5 a week, or maybe $50 a month - whatever the amount, you will be making an ongoing commitment to MTM-CNM Family Connection and helping make the Conference a wonderful experience for all. Donations are tax-deductible and can be cancelled at any time.

We're also looking to expand our fundraising team at Crowdrise! This is a funand easy way to partner with us and help us meet our financial goals, with our primary goal to keep expenses as low as possible for families to attend the Conference. By joining the team, you can set up your own profile where you tell your "story" of what the Family Conference means to you or your connection to our community. Then be as creative as you like in spreading the word and gathering donations from your family, friends, coworkers, etc. Donations can be made directly through your Crowdrise page or collected offline and credited to you (for example, if you want to hold a fundraising event). All the tools are there for you to track your progress, thank your donors, update your followers, etc. There is no minimum amount required to raise, but we encourage you to dream big! If you want to help but have questions or aren't sure how to get started just contact us.