Change The Story Vermont (CTS) is a multi-year strategy to align 
program, policy, and philanthropy to significantly improve 
women's economic status in Vermont.
Did you know...?

We want to know how Vermont stacks up.

And you can help!

CTS is asking that businesses complete an exceptionally brief survey related to women in leadership for our data project: 

Any and all businesses can participate. 
Complete it yourself or pass along to the leaders at your company. We really appreciate it.

Employing Successful Strategies to Close the Wage Gap

If you haven't checked it out before, the VT Commission on Women has a great list of strategies for employers to consider to close critical gaps in opportunity and performance for women in their workplaces. 

Here are three examples:

1. Advertise open positions in venues most likely to reach women.

2. Evaluate female student perceptions of your industry.

3. Seek gender diversity among investment partners.

VT Women's Fund Annual Event Raises $50K for Women & Girls 

We hope you were able to join us at the Vermont Women's Fund annual event on Nov. 12th. 

Meg Smith, Director of the VWF was extremely pleased with the result. She shared "The event  was a tremendous success thanks to everyone who attended!  We netted over $50,000 that will go towards helping young women and girls in Vermont!  

Thanks to all who were a part of this exciting event.
VT Women's Fund Now Accepting Applications for 2016

The 2016 Vermont Women's Fund grant cycle is now open and closes on January 28th at 5pm.

VWF's grant-making strives to ensure there are resources and opportunities available for women and girls to understand the value of self-reliance and to learn what it takes to achieve that kind of stability. 

In 2016, it will consider proposals to support programs that provide learning opportunities that build job readiness skills, opportunities to learn and practice traditional and non-traditional education and vocation, as well as life skill development including self-confidence building and leadership development.

Please read through all guidelines before applying to ensure that you qualify. 
Advisory Council members share legislative priorities with V CW 

Each year, the Vermont Commission on Women (VCW) convenes two meetings to hear from its  This month's meeting focused specifically on their organization's legislative priorities. 

Who doesn't want to live more authentically? You need to know about Brené Brown! 

Brené Brown, Ph.D is a storyteller, author, and researcher who  studies vulnerability, courage, authenticity, and shame. All light topics, right? No way. And we all wrestle with them! As CTS delves deeper into our research, we see these things pop up. A lot. Which is why we wanted to share Brené's very first interview from her new show "Living Brave." 

She interviews Oprah on what her "shame gremlins" are, how to change narratives that don't serve her, and what her definition of vulnerability is. 

This is well worth the 20 minutes. Watch it here or click below.

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