"Forms of abuses that are hurled at the elderly are not just words, but is a realization that they are not valuable anymore".
Dear SAHARA Family,
We love our elders here at SAHARA! We spend a lot of time, energy, and money helping them, empowering them and connecting them to resources and to each other. But when I saw the national statistics on just how many of our elders are abused, neglected and isolated from care, I was so sad, then really angry. But not surprised. The elders’ situations have only gotten more dangerous, not less, during this pandemic.
SAHARA is focused on every kind of abuse and neglect that elders experience and we listen to their stories. Our goal is to change every story toward a happier one with their courage and resilience, the community’s resources to sustain them, and SAHARA’s skills at guiding, helping, and connecting. We find what they need and accompany, translate, help pay for, and follow up.
It breaks my heart when we have to say No, or Not Yet, to their crises because we don’t have the funding to help.

Please join with us in making these crucial interventions that put our elders back in charge of a productive life.

Warm Regards,

Marilyn Neece
Executive Director
Did you know?
"SAHARA was my family,
when no one else would help me"
My wife and I came to America, and we had nothing at all- no home, no family, no medical insurance, no job, and I was in a lot of financial trouble. A friend of mine referred me to Farhana at SAHARA. I can’t say enough about how SAHARA helped me and changed my life. When I first met Farhana, she treated me like family. She went with me many times to the Social Security office. As I have a hard time standing up for extended periods of time because of my age and disability, she stood in long lines for me. I was also paying a premium to get Medicare, but she helped me get full Medi-Cal, which made it free; it was a huge burden that was gone. I also received a walker from SAHARA. I didn't have warm clothes, Farhana went and got me a warm jacket.

I wasn't able to pay my rent, and SAHARA, covered my rent of $1200. Thanks to SAHARA, I also got food stamps.

Today I am much better off than what I was before coming to SAHARA. The best thing about the organization is that they make you feel like a family member and treat you with love and respect. This was something I was missing when I first came to this country.

Because of people like you who donate, SAHARA can help people like me. There is no better organization to donate to!
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