Her Name is Lauren
This is her Mom
This is her Dad
A Family focused on helping other children 
and parents  like them..
Being on the front lines of pediatric cancer and its effects on daily life has given us a special perspective. As we went through treatments with our daughter, Lauren, she was not allowed to be inside of public places. This meant our "normal" daily tasks, such as going to the supermarket with her, were now not allowed. Lauren only left the house for doctors visits for over 8 months. We couldn't go to baseball games, the circus or even birthday parties. It felt as though some of her childhood was taken away from her    with this disease. Medically, her body couldn't handle it and, financially, we couldn't afford it. 
This is why LIVFREE was created. Our mission is to provide kids and their families a joyful experience to help give them a break from treatment and provide them some family fun time. Whether it be a visit to a movie theater, a sporting event or anything in between, we want families to have something to look forward to during their tough time.  
- Katrina & Daniel Viera
$25,000 = 100 Families Helped

I will always remember the night that God spoke to me and inspired me to share a mission of helping children and families battling cancer, rare blood diseases & severe financial hardship. Here were parents and children like you and I....who for some reason were dealing with the greatest challenge that any child or parent could face. I always felt it was my responsibility as a member of the human family to do all that I could to help those in desperate need.

In meeting Lauren, Dan & Katrina, once again, God has inspired me to do all we can to help this organization pursue it's very noble mission. We see the work of LIV FREE as a logical extension of our mission. Here is a home grown organization that is focused on providing "our special children & their parents with simple joyful experiences ( many that we take for granted) so that there can be some normalcy in their every day life.
A Night Out....A Movie, Dinner, Tickets to a Ball Game...

I know that working together we can help LIV FREE achieve its goal of 
providing 100 families with these experiences. I ask you to join with me
in helping LIV FREE launch these amazing efforts !

Thank You - Al DiGuido 

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