January 19, 2018 eBrief

pastorHelp couple care for disabled girl

This pastor and his wife want to help this disabled young woman (center) from their church who they have cared for since noticing she was losing weight and had bruises. The Department of Human Resources placed the woman in their home and now they want to make the relationship permanent with a guardianship. I can help.
MLKCumberland students answer the call to service!
Cumberland Assistant Dean Cassandra Adams and law students talked to clients in the Kingston community about the Birmingham Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program during a Martin Luther King Day of Service event. More than 152 clients received needed services such as flu shots, counseling, and legal services.

Thanks Domestic Relations Help Desk attorneys 
Thanks to our Domestic Relations volunteers:  Melinda Guillaume,  Leon
  (center) Pam Weed Kilgore , Susan McAlister (left), John Milledge , and Heather Ward (right), Maynard Cooper.
Thank you Civil Help Desk Volunteers

Thanks to our Civil Help Desk volunteers:  Sara Ford (left), Lightfoot Franklin, and  Julie Goyer (right) Greg Kennemer, Kennemer PC,  Preston Neel, Bradley,  Jacob Tubbs, Lightfoot Franklin,  Donnie Winningham, Bressler, and  Sarah Yates, Bressler.

Lending a helping hand at Homeless Help Desk
Thank you to our Homeless Help Desk volunteers: Joseph Bulgarella, United States Bankruptcy Court,  Jack Carney, Carney Dye,  Robert Dow, Maynard,  John Milledge,  Patrick Runge, Balch, and  John Scott (left), Starnes.

Attorneys Needed

Woman needs divorce from spouse in jail for stealing from senior citizens. 
volsWills for Heroes 

Wills for Heroes clinics v olunteers needed for:

Centerpoint Fire Station
Thursday, February 1
Vestavia Hills City Hall
Friday, February 2

Click  here to volunteer!
Help the Homeless

here to volunteer at Project Homeless Connect on Saturday, February 24th.

Click here to volunteer to pre-register clients at the Homeless Help Desk on Tuesday, February 6th.
Help Desk & Court Volunteers Needed